Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Our Heroine, Mamzelle Pinkie. has decided to forsake both Jack, the rich aging Prince and our hero The Bluebird of Happiness (see previous posts) – and follow her dream of becoming a journalist and tell truth to power – for now. So, she has flown the coupe and gone to baptize herself in the Fountain  of Truth and from thence to enter into a different dimension; the one containing Humans and other dangerous creatures.


  • I read where scientists have discovered a new Black Hole with a mass 70 times that of our sun. Reports such as these unsettle my stomach. I thought Black Holes kept growing and growing and sucked everything up…and is this one coming our way? I wonder. And then, further down in the Black Hole article, I read that the Chinese discovered this particular Black Hole; and I wonder where were we? I thought we were the ones on top of all this stuff. And then I get to thinking God knows what God is doing – but it looks like His work is not done…and I wonder where we fit in all this. One of my New Years Resolutions will be to stop reading these scientific discovery articles.
  • I am one of those who believe in Climate Change – and I’ll admit it right here. Not only that; but I believe the change is for the worse and it is getting really warmer. Then, I read that 1 in 3 vehicles sold in the U.S. is an S.U.V. And I wonder what is wrong with us. I mean we have enough problems with this Black Hole thing – we do not need to kill ourselves with our own dirt before the final days come. Maybe I’m in a mood because it is near the end of a great year.
  • I’ll start talking about an  arena of subjects I know very little about: The Internets/Social Media/Data/The Cloud, et al: First and foremost: I hate this ‘Password’ business. Can’t the people who have created all these Internet inter-workings figure out a way to avoid Passwords?  How does anyone remember what is for what and when? Or is it only me? This is not a Republican or Democratic thing – so I think it is ok to rage on about it. And how about those ‘personal security’ questions? “Who was your favorite high school teacher?” Me? One day it was Mr. Parker, in History, the next it was Mr. Lugar in English  – and I can’t remember who I said it was on the Security Exam – years after I ever saw those guys.. Same with my favorite pet. “Who was your favorite pet? “I loved all my pets and who knows what pet I said was my favorite? I hate all this. Is it only me? And when you need to start to do something online and they bring up a screen with a little contract on it to get your agreement – it is too late, you have to sign “I Accept” or you have wasted as much as a minute and you have to get on with whatever it was you had to do. I hate that, too. But it is free, I think; though there are charges at the end of the month – somehow. I read where we give up ‘privacy’ on the internet …the trade-off being internet service is ‘free’. Free being the operative word. And then I read that everybody is sending everything up into the ‘Cloud’ and I wonder – having stared at clouds for several years – when the Cloud is going to rain down uncontrolled data because it has over cumulo/nimbussed and …don’t things like that ever bother you too? The Government is not going to fix this. Neither will the corporations, nor you or me. We are doomed and the Black Hole has nothing on us. Maybe I’ll think better of all this after the New Year.

Happy New Year to you…Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself  – it’s later than you think. Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, while you’re still in the Pink – (This means  you, too, Pinkie) -cem

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