TIDBITS, NUGGETS & INCIDENTALS. (Some meaningless, perhaps)

Producer’s notes on NOTEFLIX’s soon to be released dystopic, noir, romcom, Binge-Look “Troubles In The Garden”:  Our hero, The Multicolored Blue Bird of Happiness (above left) and his stunt double, Byrd (center), and our Hero’s side-kick, Googie (above right) are assembled and good for go, but due to inclement weather caused by Global Warming, filming is delayed – once again.



  • TAROT DECK CARDS*:  Sales of these cards have been on the rise for the past few years.  Up 30% last year – higher than ever today. (What  does this mean, if anything?)
  • GDP GOOD NEWS:  It turns out our GDP surges on storm recovery activities.  Consumer spending goes up.  It looks like we are going to have GDP growth, biglie, in our futures.
  • SICKNESS:  Studies show sickness often brings on divorce.  Studies also show men seek to divorce sick women more than women seek to divorce sick men.  But you suspected that.  Men’s excuse is they were not socialized to be caregivers.  (On balance, I have noticed, men do not come off well in many studies.)
  • DESERTS:  The Sahara is growing, uncontrollably.  The Gobi is growing, uncontrollably.  This has something to do with warmer air and no rain.  I suppose the good news is: since sand is key to the cement & concrete industry – we will be able to  continue to build many things with concrete (parking lots, roads, buildings, etc.).  So, supplies will last, until we run out of everything else. 
  • WATER SUPPLY:  I am looking at a note dated 2015 which says 40% of the world’s water needs will not be met by 2030.  I just heard on the radio that 25% of the world is facing water scarcity today.  4 billion people face severe shortages during the year.  In 30 years there will be a 50% increase in water demand, partially due to global food systems.  Time is fugiting.  This makes me nervous and I do not know why.  The other day, at the water faucet, I heard a woman say we are supposed to drink 8 ounces of water, 3 times a day.  That comes to 24 ounces a day, times 7 billion of us.  How many gallons is that?  Has anybody done the math?  I don’t think we even make enough plastic bottles to put all that water in. 
  • FISH & BIRDS:  Fish come to mind because they live in water.  (See above.)  3.1 billion people depend on fish for 20% of their protein. (Poor fish)  185 million Americans grill fish out in back.  The fishing industry in Britain has fished so much out of the seas that the seagulls are going inland to forage for alternate feeding solutions.  They are known to attack plates at cafes and bags of groceries being lugged to hungry citizen’s homes.  “Vicious Sea Gulls” & “Flying Rats” they are called.  It seems the animals are in competition with our food supply.  You know who is going to win.  If you are on the side of the humans, you are happy.
  • THE CHALLENGER DEEP is the deepest known point in the earth’s seabed.  An undersea explorer (a submersible) went down 7 miles and what do you think it found down there?  1) A giant squid? 2) The Treasure of the Sierra Madres? 0r 3) Plastic trash? (# 3 is correct)
  • BIG CITIES IN THE U.S. (i.e., San Francisco, L.A, Manhattan) are becoming too expensive for families to have children in them.  San Francisco has the lowest rate of under 18 year olds. Washington D.C. is losing its young.  I know waiters, retail clerks and other ordinary  working people cannot afford to live in these cities; but where is this going? Are only rich old people going to end up in these cities? Who is going to take care of them?
  • “FALLS are the number one cause of death for Senior citizens.” (-Acorn Stairlift)
  • GENETICALLY MODIFIED MUSHROOMS:  If a fall does not get you, watch out for Genetically Modified Mushrooms…they have been given an upgrade rating from ‘Generally Unsafe’ to ‘Generally Safe’.  The operative word here is; ‘Generally’.   Soon the winds will blow and all the mushrooms will have GMO dust on them.  The good news here is: I do not eat mushrooms.

Harold Prince died recently. He produced: ‘Fiddler”, “Cabaret”, “West Side Story” and many other great shows.  Here is a quotation from Mr. Prince: “I’m a big believer – and sometimes I feel alone in this – that you can and should do what you want to do and bring the audience with you rather than have them lead you.”  In that light I say: Whatever we do, we have an audience – and even if we do not have an audience, I think it is best to do what we want  – rather than the other way around; what with the trash in the briny depths, the hungry birds, the high cost of big cities, the water shortages…and falling down the stairs…we might as well get on with what we were supposed to do, before the deserts run out of sand.  No?

*I consulted my TAROT  cards  – just now – as I finished this posting and up came the ‘Wands’ and then the ‘Pentacles’ – I do not want to know what these things mean; but they looked scary to me.  No more TARO for a while. The mystery of all things, and the wonderments,

to be continued…


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