Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Trouble in the Garden”; Ok, pay attention, it gets complicated: Above, we are visiting the Mythological Time Traveling Garden of Good & Bad Things.  Our hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness and his true love, Mamzelle Pinkie, and whatever he is, Bork, the Angry Purple Slug…are listening to the words of the Stuffed Viper, known as Tony.  Behind Tony, is a Dragon, (Dragons actually did exist back in the Dark Ages.  We talk about the Dark Ages in the blog below) and behind the Dragon, going back further in time, is a Dinosaur.  You will note the Dinosaur is not Stuffed; but is made of plastic. This is historically accurate in that Dinosaurs were originally made of fossil fuels, which evenually become plastic. Anyway, Tony the Viper is telling our loving couple to go ahead and eat of the pineapple, if they want; but if they do eat of it – there might be unknown events ahead.  More on this next week)


Items you may have missed while looking at: Wars, Dictators, Dictator wannabes, bad weather coming in, interest rates, invasions by ‘ferners’, political campaigns, politicians being arrested, politicians not being arrested, the price of eggs, book banning, non-banning of machine guns, idiots in Congress not being laid off – things like that…

  • Scientists have created living cells from off the shelf chemicals and gene manipulation. (aka Synthetic biology).  1) But can they be weaponized?  2) Do they taste good?  3) If these cells develop a mind and they begin to pray…will they pray to the guys who invented them, or to whoever invented us?
  • A study reveals Mexicans eat more eggs than anybody else.  But if they keep coming over the border and eat our eggs, will our egg eating averages go up?   Maybe we can become numero uno in this arena as well as all the other areas we are numero uno in. We already eat more frozen Pizza than anybody else…and no one is close to us in pop Tarts.
  • I figure if someone from the Dark Ages were to time travel and arrive at a major Airport today and see all the people dressed like slobs and sitting around – for hours – looking at little rectangular things in their hands and silently and constantly poking their fingers at them and…well would they not wonder what all those battles were for that they they had fought in, in the Dark Ages, and struggles they had with bad kings and Popes and plagues and migrations and bad to no food…was not there some grand scheme to make things better and maybe even more enlightened ? Would She/He not take a look at the doings at the crowded waiting area in the terminal and opt to go back to the Dark Ages ASAP, or would they simply go mad from it all?
  • Here is a terribly interesting one:  I read 96% of all mammal mass on earth is human.  All the mammals: Bears, dogs, cats, elephants, cows…all others account for 4% of living mammal mass…and the majority of that mass is farmed for food.
  • …and then I read that there are more worms on earth than anything else that wiggles around (worms are not mammals).  Worms thrive because we neither hunt nor eat them.  And some worms can eat plastic and maybe we can solve our plastic waste problems by training the worms to eat more of it…but our Congressmen probably would not fund such a program because their pockets are filled by the current waste management people.
  • I took one of those tests and I find I have more Neanderthal in me than I suspected.  Then I read they studied Neanderthal bones from Coatia and they found the Neanders were living with Homo Sapiens (do not read this if you are a child living in the state of Florida – your parents might be arrested)…well, they found the Neanders did not carry the Diabetes gene, nor the Schizophrenic nor Autism gene, (I’m all Neander on this)…but they did find the Neanders did not heal well, nor inter-act well with the Sapiens and adapt to the Climate.  I’m not sure which part of me is human or Neander…more will be revealed.  I also took a test the other day to see whether I am losing it, or how much of it I have lost.  Before I went in to the doctor’s exam room I memorized the words they gave our former President when he  aced his test.  “Person, woman, camera, TV”…tricky.  But they tried to fool me by giving me different words and only three of them “Pencil, Light and I forget what the third one was.  They told me I was smart enough to run for Congress but maybe I should hold off on the Presidential thing….Oh, the third was “Eggs”, I just remembered.
  • Going on the theory that if you learn something, you should share it.  Here is what I have learned in life: When a major newsworthy event occurs, a crazy theory about that event will ensue and gather a following of 18% of the population, i.e., ‘Tornadoes in Missouri’ were caused by tolerance of gay marriages, or ‘Earthquake in Japan’ caused by lack of faith in Jesus.  You can come up with some others, I’m sure.

MATHUZALA, our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist is traveling the world promoting the book in which he is a featured character.  Below is a photo he sent us from Florence.  We hope the photo and our Blog will not be ‘Taken Down’ by the Social Media censors.

( -photo by La Morgana)

If you would like a copy, buy it now before it is banned by a parent.  (Amazon or Barnes & Noble)

Tuscan Notes:

  • There are statues all over Tuscany showing nude men, like the one in MATHUZALA’s photo.  Worse, there are also many statues of women completely naked…in full display and in the open air. We won’t show you such filth in this blog.  If you are the sort that wants to see these things, go to Tuscany now before you are intimidated by your Congress and State Governors into changing your ways.


  • The victimization of children is nowhere forbidden; what is forbidden is to write about it.  -Alice Miller, Psychchologist who wrote books on Child Abuse.
  • “Without censorship, things can get terribly confused in the public mind.”   -W. Westmorland (the General who commanded the U.S. Forces in Vietnam, 1964-1968“
  • “Adam was but human—this explains it all.  He did not want the apple for the apple’s sake, he wanted it only because it was forbidden.  The mistake was in not forbidding the serpent; then he would have eaten the serpent.”  -Mark Twain

That’s  all folks…and a fond “Hello” to Krishna, wherever you are.




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