Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  As you know, there was a struggle in the Land of Stuffed Animals as to who would be confirmed as the next Ruler…Qween Ezmiralda, the Hairy Pig was seated after several minor altercations with the opposition. We are happy to say she is well and able enough to sit for this photo op. She says she will brook no nonsense, yet will run things with a gentle tusk. See next week for more action.



  • “G.O.A.T.”: …an acronym meaning “The Greatest Of All Time”. First used in reference to  Mohammad Ali…now having been misused often for far too many people – Soccer stars, Musicians, Congresspersons, Twitterers – G.O.A.T. was voted as the number One Word this year to be banished from our active vocabulary. Importantly, for perspective, the word ‘Importantly’ was banished several years ago. I have never used this term for anybody, other than Ali. 
  •  TWO HANDED ECONOMISTS:  On the one hand 70% of Americans think a recession is coming.  If  “Thinking Maketh So” – then get ready for a recession.  On the other hand, what do Americans know about what is going to happen tomorrow?  A lot of us do not even know what happened yesterday…let alone today…On yet another hand what with Algorythms having entered the Economy prognostication game we now have  predictions of every possible outcome and nobody knows where to turn for a reasonable guide to help prepare for tomorrow.  On the one hand….
  • EMBELLISHMENTS:  A question:  Is an Embellishment a lie?  As in,”Forgive me Father, I embellished last night at the dinner table…about my having graduated from College, about my finances, about my grandparents having survived the Holocaust” – that sort of thing.  Are EMBELLISHMENTS Freedom of Speech?  Are they protected by the Constitution?  It is getting confusing out there.
  • ICHTHYSAURS:  What with nobody knowing which way the economy is going – People lying every which-away…and the price of two-ply toilet paper having gone through the moon…I am surprised I am bothered as much as I am by being told they discovered whale bones of super sized, big buss sized, whales that died in Colorado over 250,000,000 years ago.  What? I thought this was created for us just a few thousand years ago…and we are to return the place as it was…like the Garden of Eden….With the lamb and the lion.  Now I find that super sized Whales swam around Colorado 250,000,000 years ago and they did it for millions of years??? Where do we fit in, in all this?  And what are the Republicans going to do about controlling the past?

A few words from MATHUZALA, our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist:

MATHUZALA SPEAKS:  Have you read we rats have taken over the rental apartments owned by the Mayor of New York City?  It is true.  Have you read the Mayor is having trouble finding someone to accept the position of “RAT CZAR”?  True again.  We propose Benedict for the job.  He is both a human and a rat – at heart.

Were you to want to know more about Benedict and his qualifications for being the RAT CZAR of New York City – go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy the (non) Best-Selling “THE RAT PAPERS”. Hurry, while supplies last!

Notes From Tuscany:

Christmas in Italy has something for everybody.  Below, see a Marzipan Creche which you can feast your eyes on – straight from the baker lady.  The baby Jesus was a blond, apparently.


And now a quote for your understanding:

  • “He who limps is still walking.”  -Leo Lec

That’s all there is for now, until the next time…and a fond “Hello” to Morgan’s Chris….wherever he is…



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