Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: See here The Hairy Pig Qween Ezmiralda, leader of the Land of Stuffed Animals has come to the border and spotted new stuffed critters from another land (an Iguana…a Flamingo?)  Are these ‘Illegals’ – trying to take advantage of her territory?  Are these simply ‘travelers’?   Is this a problem?  Come back next week for more action.


  • OLD NOTE (2019):  “Here is what I have learned, so far:  When a major news event occurs, a crazy theory about that event will inevitably ensue and gather a following of 18% of the population. For instance, Tornado’s in Missouri were caused by gay marriage.  Or, an earthquake in Japan was caused by a lack of faith in Jesus.  “Now almost ten years later, I think that figure applies to 36% of the Republican Party.  If you do the math, nothing has changed.
  • NOTE WITH NO ATTACHMENT:  Here is another old note.  It must have been a review of some sort – but I cannot find what it was referring to:  “…Full of artificial substance with mind numbing comfort leaving you with the sense there was not enough.” …I wonder, is this alluding to: 1) Most movies released by Netflix in the past year?  2) The January 6th investigations?  3) Twinkies?  4) A new drug on the street?
  • ENJOY YOURSELF:  You think things are bad now?  Imagine what would happen if the Mississippi River were to run backwards (as it did 200 years ago). It would cause over $300 billion in damage.  This has something to do with the New Madrid Seismic Zone (Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky – those kinds of places).  And there are predictions this could happen with the fault line about to snap.  What would you do?  Me?  If  past behavior in the ‘Markets’ means anything, I would sell everything and then in a few days I would buy, buy, buy.
  • WHO YOU GONNA BELIEVE?:  Archbishop James Usher, in the 17th century, reconstructed the genealogy of biblical figures and pronounced the Earth was created at 6:00 P.M. on October 26th in the year of Our Lord 4004 B.C.  Scientists have since calculated differently and say the earth was created some 4.5 billion years ago.  They have not come up with the time, however.

This is where we usually post a few words from our Rodent Resident Guest Columnist MATHUZALA – but, alas, he is on a national book tour talking about his recent experiences while taking control of several American Cities.

Were you to want to know about what MATHUZALA is up to and what will happen next (…More important to you than the New Madrid Seismic thing) …go to Amazon, or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS




  • We are traveling in the U.S. for a few months and will report our observations, hereby:  1) Things  in Florida, like food & restaurants are much more expensive than you can imagine.   A coffee, here  for example, is 3x’s more expensive than in my Tuscan Caffe…but then again, here it is in a paper cup with a plastic lid.

That’s it for now, until next week…and a fond “Hello” to Inis, wherever you are…


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