Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  Here you can see where our loving couple the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness and Mamzelle Pinkie are taking a stroll through a garden while on vacation.  For some reason Bork, the Angry Purple Slug, or whatever he is, has tagged along.  And they come across a snake.  “Whoa!  What is that?”  Cried Bork.  I think he’s a snake said Mamzelle Pinkie.  “How can you tell if it is a ‘He’ or a ‘She'”? asks the Bluebird.  “Don’t Ask.  Don’t let it Tell” said Bork, just wanting to get away; coward that it is.  So, the three of them get in a heated discussion about whether the snake is a he, she, hermaphrodite or trans…When, in truth, all the snake wants to know is where the Apple Tree is – because he wants to tell them something about it.  (More on this adventure next week.)



  • S0, the other day I read an article because its headline teased me into reading it.  The headline said that sitting was good for you.  “At last!”  I thought.  All this “Go out and walk for two/three miles a day…exercise thirty minutes a day, stretch, swim as much as you can, hang from chin-up bars, do chin-ups on chin-up bars, run as fast as you can…forty-fifty yards several times a week, climb 8 flights a day (with weights)”, on and on.  You can imagine – heart be still – my hopes of better days to come.  Just sitting around, living the good life.  Yes, it said sitting was good for you in the first paragraph.  I agreed with that.  In fact, I like sitting at my computer, or at the breakfast, lunch and dinner tables, and in front of the TV, and in the coffee shops and in the car and everywhere.  Remember when you were in school before they banned teaching things, they used to say “Sit Still!” which I interpreted meant that sitting was a good thing.  But back to the article I read.  As you dug deeper into it, it said sitting is only good for you if you do it Cross legged and on the floor – and you have to get up from the floor thirty times while doing it.  It is back to the walking and all the other stuff, for me.  Have you noticed that today’s headlines are often misleading?  How about the one where they said the Former President, or President, or whatever he is, or was, was going to be arrested last Tuesday?  I read all those articles, too.  Sometimes I wonder if you can sue anyone for wasting your time, or is it my fault I fall for all these things?  I wonder about such things while I am sitting at my desk, while I should be wondering about what I am going to write. 
  • I have been thinking about the banning of the teaching of various topics and historical events and I got to wondering if I would have been better off if they had Banned teaching the “Law of Gravity”, which scared me out of my wits while I was in the 3rd grade…and causes me night sweats to this very day.  “What if”… I wondered at the time, if the Law of Gravity got broken…would we all spin off into space and die because there was no air out there?  Would I be better off if the teacher had been fired for disturbing me so?  When I was an impressionable student, I saw a picture of that statue of David, the one in Florence, (the one everyone in Florida is complaining about), and I wonder if that was what steered me away from the art world and made me want to become a business person, which ruined my life forever.


And now a word from our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist MATHUZALA

  • If you want to know where your “Civilization” is headed and how you can make the best of it, you should buy the book shown below, before it is banned.  Already, the major film companies are rejecting plans to make it into a movie.  Documentarians are pretending to ignore it.  Soon this work may even be out of print.  So, hurry and buy it now.  The money this book brings in means nothing to me; I am  a rat after-all.  I just think some of you should be forewarned because I know there are some nice humans.  This book deals with one of them.



Notes RegardingTuscany; (I am in The States for another month)

Below, is a photo, someone sent me, of what is taking place in our piazza today. The “Last Sunday” of the month craft and food fair…some people singing. some people just taking a stroll in the sun.  Aaahhh, I miss it.



A quote:

  • “Come One, Come All, See the Dancing Bear”  …Or the Tattoed man, or the bearded Lady  -Old Circus promo (..or simply read about how good sitting is for you….or who is going to have to appear in court. …It’s all a Circus…and the Organ Grinder is around the corner) 

That’s it from here, for now and a fond “Hello” to Morgan wherever you are.

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