Vocabulary Phrases – of the Day

It is my intention, in each posting, to include some vocabulary, random words, some old; but used in new ways – or phrases which have recently come to my attention – and which, I believe should be brought to your attention:

  1. IMPORTANTLY. More and more people are saying “Importantly” recently. Pundits, Politicians, people on the street. My suggestion is – and this is important: Never say this word out loud. If you see someone saying this on TV…they are faking gravitas and pay them little mind. Change the channel.
  2. BACKFIRE EFFECT: Relates to doubling down on misconceptions and or erroneous ways. Instead of admitting you were wrong, you plunge on and try to convince yourself and others you were right. ( In voting, in being late, in lying…that sort of thing)…Backiring…must have something to do with making a big carbon monoxide induced  bang noise, I guess) Not a good thing. Do not double down just because you are wrong…(Try in life not to ‘backfire’.)
  3. UNICORN: Young business valued at $1 billion or more. China has produced 34 of them since 2015. The U. S.: 35.
  4. FAST FOODIES (Self explanatory)
  5. HISPANOHABLANTES. Did you know more people speak Spanish in the U.S. than there are people in Spain? Hispanohablantes.
  6. “Let Them watch TV” is what ‘they’ will try to say when the rebellion comes.
  7. UNPACK…and NARRATIVE are big words used by the newscasters of the day. As in …”Importantly, we will unpack this narrative” …I think ‘narrative’ is the same as ‘story’…but it is a more professional sounding word …Listen, you will hear these words…Remember: Change the channel, or turn the thing off altogether.
  8. …I will leave you with the wise words of Mary Crow Dog: “You can’t live forever off the deeds of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. You can’t wear their eagle feathers, free-load off their legends. you have to make your own legends now. It isn’t easy.”

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