(Episode #79, or so.) UPDATE on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Our loving Couple, Mamzelle Pinkie and the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness, have split off from the madding crowd for a bit of a respite.  They find themselves in a strange but beautiful place  It is good to get away from all the hubbub and the other Stuffed Animals – and the Humans…even though the Humans treat them better than they do the real animals. But wait! Is that Bork, the Angry Slug? Up there, high in the Frond? Does he have to try to ruin everything? Is there no escape on this earth from the miseries? ( To be cont’d.)


(The following post is meant to help take your mind off of ‘Current Madness of The Major Stories of our Time’.)

  • In Japan, after an earthquake, people wait in line for food and other necessities.  In America, they loot and take flat screen TVs.
  • Another tidbit from Japan: There is one murder for every 200,000 people (a low, low rate….  In the U.S. the odds are 10 times those of Japan’s that you will be killed by a gun. Here is an interesting thing or three:  In Japan, 1) It is illegal to own a gun. 2) It is illegal to own a bullet  3) It is illegal to pull trigger.  So, if you were to merely fire your gun, you would have committed three crimes. (Just saying.)
  • It is estimated half of Identity Thefts in the U.S. are by family members, or former family members,  (It Figures)
  • Studies of Commercially grown hens show: 97% of the hens are in cages – with a footprint smaller than  a place-mat at I-hop.  2% of commercially grown Hens are “Cage Free” and have space allotments 2 inches wider and 1 inch longer than the place-mat at I-hop.  The other 1% are free range and are living large. (Maybe, you would rather watch another debate?)
  • There is a theory which tells us why we (Humans) stand on our two feet:  2.6 million years ago there was a Super Nova which caused lightning storms of magnitudes you would not believe – and all forests (which we used to crawl around in) were destroyed.  After the fires were over…grasslands grew everywhere over the land…and we (Humans) wanted to peak over the grass to see what was out there.  And it became necessary to stand-up to see over the grass. (The Adam and Eve story is easier to take in, I must say.)
  • Here is another one about animals:  It turns out, whales were once quadropeds and they walked the land.  (I know this sounds like one of those Conspiracy Theories which are going about these days – but this one is harmless – and does not accuse anyone of pedophilia).  Anyway, ‘Things’ got so bad on land (This must have been during the Super Nova action.) that the whales chose to walk into the water; never to return.  ‘Things’ are getting pretty bad on land today, but we can’t just walk into the water – because the water has become so uninhabitable.  And who wants to live with whales?   We have enough problems as it is.
  • I am not a fish eater; but if you read news articles these days you can’t avoid reading about problems for fish-eaters.  For example, I have read there are radio-active Tunas out there – and some of them are swimming towards the U.S.  (This could be sourced from Q-Anon; but who knows these days?).  I have also read: Genetically altered fish look bigger and better than those which are not so altered – sort of like some of our baseball and football players, who look  bigger and better after their alterations. I wonder if you were to catch a genetically altered fish and it were a record breaker – does it get an asterisk in the books?
  • Staying with fish, some scholars predict by 2050 – if we do not change our present ways – there will be no more fish in the ocean. Some  economic analysts say this could be bad for the economy…bad for the fishing industry. The mind reels at the lack of imaginative forecasting.
  • Industrial chemicals are showing up in umbilical cords.  (This will stop in the near term because soon we will not be allowed to study umbilical cords.  Do not say the passing away of RBG does not have its consequences.)
  • Here is a counter-intuitive thought:  Mother Nature is a Bad Guy, a Wild-Child.  He/She traps pollutants down near the ground level so we have to breathe them.  Also, She/He creates floods and Droughts.  There is a Political/Corporate movement afoot which wants to take control of Nature itself.  A few years ago there was a piece of TV advertising  wisdom which touted,”It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”…It’s probably even worse to take her on as an adversary. 
  • There are a lot of major/important articles being written everyday, and I want to read most of them.  “Old Age is the Next Global Threat”, “Women Being Forced from their Careers”, “Psychiatrists Know What’s Wrong With My Uncle”, “56 Cozy Casseroles for Fall”…only to name a few, which came across my screen this morning.  I cannot read any of the above, because I have not ‘Subscribed’ to their respective publications.  If I had subscribed, it would have cost me over $400. Granted,  I would get to read thousands of articles – until next year’s renewal time.  However, by that time I probably would not re-subscribe because I would think I was a stable genius (being so woke), or I would have gone stark raving mad from all my readings.  Either way, I’m not getting a cozy casserole this fall.

And now, a few comments from our Guest Columnist:


  • “You have dumped nurdles, detritus and plastics into the oceans.  Some of you do not even know what a ‘nurdle’ is.  There are untold quantities of mattresses, containers, crates, ‘medical’ chemicals, ‘ghost ships’ and more…decades old, floating to find a shore…concentrating in gyres (many of you do not know what a ‘gyre’ is)  in large oceanic regions with circulating currents…and, yet, you are concerned  more about whether or not you can take a gun to the voting booth, or how many casseroles you can bake this fall.”
  • “You are running out of water, but water is everywhere.  You have not done well with all of your runnings of  ‘Things’.  If ‘Things” do not change, “Things” will be changed.
  • “We rodents are not corrupt.  There is not one shred of evidence which proves a rodent has ever acted corruptly. In the case of Humans, corruption used to be caused by greed.  Today, most who are corrupt, feel they are so out of necessity. Something is wrong with your systems.”

(We will cut Mathuzala short at this point – to do some fact-checking before we let him go further.)

Be good to one another,

Remember!  The TEDDIES may be announced next week. We say “may” because there are problems with the counting of votes. It seems some votes are more equal than others, due to who they come from.  Right now it looks like some of the cast/characters are spoiling to contest the outcome; but they will only contest the outcome if they lose. There is a sense of unease in the production studio as we write. (Come back next week for more.)


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