Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of  “Troubles in the Garden”: See Mortimer, (Lower left, who some think is not the smartest Stuffed Animal in the world) see him looking at an Unidentified silver looking Object in the plant. (Mid-upper left)  What is it? Where did it come from? What does this mean? ..wonders Mortimer. Mortimer does not see the even bigger Unidentified Object, hovering higher in the sky (Top left) – which is looking down on him.  (See if you can figure out how all this relates to the posting below.)


Many years ago a friend of mine suggested I attend a lecture by Paul Tillich – an existential philosopher and theologian.  I took a 5 hour bus ride to Yale and sat in one of those handsome amphitheater styled rooms and listened to the great man speak about some of the most important topics in this world.  You could tell he knew so much – and you knew he had the answers.  His class time was only 45 minutes long  – and I nervously watched the clock to see how he was going to wrap it all up with just a few minutes to go.  On the edge of my seat, I knew this great man was about to impart meaningful knowledge.  But just before the bell rang, he summed up his lecture with:  “As you can see, these are matters of ‘Ultimate Concern’.”  The bus ride back was a long, long trip. To this day, I still look for the answers to the matters of ‘Ultimate Concern’. If you, Dear Reader, have them, please forward the information to me a.s.a.p. by email – I do not want to take the bus.

Below, are more matters of “Ultimate Concern”.

  • FREAK SHOWS:  Only sixty-seventy years ago, you could go to a carnival when it came to town.  Most of these carnivals had what they called FREAK SHOWS.  You could pay some money to go inside a tent and see the oddest assortment of people in astonishing conditions and you’d walk out a slightly bewildered; but an entertained person.  These shows  have largely disappeared today.  Why? Perhaps there is a social Conscience, consciousness. Or maybe it’s because you can see all the freaks, all the weird things humans can be – right on your iPhone.  For free. Well, almost for free, because what you choose to look at determines what the GOD of Algorithms chooses to send to you next.
  • GOD:  When I was a child, in Sunday School, I asked the teacher if GOD had made the telephone polls.  (This question came to my mind because she had just said GOD made everything in Heaven and on Earth.)  As I recall the teacher rapped me on my hand with her ruler and told me not to be a ‘Smart Alec’- and I never found out who made the telephone polls.  Today, decades later, my theological questions are not much more sophisticated.  For example, I like sleep – a lot – and I wonder:  Does God sleep?  I’d like to know.  Or does He/She miss out on that pleasure, spending every minute of the day making other universes?  Does GOD get to eat a good Margarita Pizza?  With hot oil?  Or does GOD not eat?  What a gyp to be GOD, if that were the case. Would Paul Tillich think these are not important questions? Who is to say what is important and what is not?  If that Sunday School teacher had taken me seriously a couple of decades ago, I might be on to more important matters by now.
  • UFOs:  I’ll tell you what, a ‘Matter of Ultimate Concern’  in the news today- and people do not really want to talk about it: UFOs.  Did you see the pictures of those things?  How big are they?  The government is not telling me how big they are.  They can shape shift.  They can break the sound barrier without makingg a sonic boom.  Did you know that?   Navy and Commercial pilots have seen them with their own eyes.  That’s  proof enough for me.   Who made them?  Like the telephone polls, I wonder.  If GOD made the UFOs and whoever is in them, like He/She made us, then maybe we are not as big a deal in the Universe as we think we are and most of the religions of the world will have to do a major re-think, if they want to keep up their membership count. Do the creatures inside these objects have souls? Are they merciful?…These are big, big matters.  I’m telling you this is bigger than Afghanistan, which is also important.  If you see more pictures of these UFOs, and if they turn out to be bigger than bigly, you may never hear about Afghanistan again.
  • UPDATE on OLD STORY:  Some of my readers may be too young to remember, but years ago there were rumors that some space ships came by and took a few humans into their inner-workings and gave them an “Anal Probe”…for study purposes…It’s true.  It was in the news.  This was at least twenty/thirty years ago…To my knowledge, these particular ships have not returned.  All I can guess is the space critters  must not have liked what they found in the stuff  from’Anal Probes’.

And now a few words from Mathuzala, our guest columnist:


  • “Your GOD gave you the 10 Commandments, so you would survive.  But, you are being watched and you have not behaved – and if you do not change your ways, you will have over-stayed your welcome. (-ed. note See above bullet regarding UFOs) This would not be good for the Rodents, as the humans  are a matter of Ultimate Concern to us for our food supplies.  We will help you behave, whether  you want to, or not.

If you want to read about MATHUZALA you can go to Amazon, or Barnes and Noble  – and buy  “THE RAT PAPERS” a book which describes  how the world is about to evolve into a better place.


This section is usually comprised of a salient, or witty quote – related in some way to the above posting.  I have been searching for hours  – in vain – looking for something, anything a Celebrity, or a Thinker, or a Politician has said about UFOs…and have come up with nothing. Maybe the UFOs don’t want us to think about them. Have you ever thought of that?

Until next time…

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