Quiz from the People at NOTEFLIX Productions: Can you tell what is wrong/incorrect with this picture? (The Answer is found at the bottom of this post.)

IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY:  Below, are a few words you might not know; but soon, knowing these, you can become WOKE.  If you do not know what ‘WOKE’ means, or ‘MEME”  or ‘FOMO’...then you have not been keeping up on ‘What is What’ in our Lockdowned world – and you, yourself, could fall victim to the ‘CANCEL CULTURE’.

  • FAT BURGS:  These are sanitary wipes which have been flushed down toilets and clogged together in big gooey germ filled lumps…by the hundreds of thousands during the ‘Virus’.  These FAT BURGS are clogging city and town pipes and sewers as well as your own home plumbing system…causing (it says in an article I’ve read) billions of dollars worth of damage.  If problems are opportunities, then FAT BURGS are double decker, whopping good news.  (Not to be confused with:  Fatburgers…A California Sandwich…which can cause  their own clogging problems.)
  • PHUBBING:  This is ‘The practice of ignoring one’s companion in order to pay attention to one’s phone or mobile device.”   This word comes to us from Australia and is a contraction of ‘Phone’ and ‘Snub’.  Usage: “I have been PHUBBED”.   He, she or it is  “PHUBBING”.               Now you are  WOKE.


  • The Stats are in!  It is not true that more than half of all avocados are consumed on Super Bowl weekend.  Only 3% are eaten during the game, which is enough to fill the Sun Life stadium to a depth of 30 feet.  Also, it is a myth that more women are victims’ of violence on that weekend than any other.  That is an outright lie.  Studies show there is only a slight increase in violence – and that is nothing compared to the numbers reported on Christmas and Memorial Day weekend. (Which is coming up soon – so look out.)
  • QUZHOU, is a city in China and is worth 27 points in Scrabble, if you play with the new rules where they say it is ok to use Proper Nouns.  The game was invented by Al Butts in the 1930’s..and the rules were codified in 1948 and have been updated over the decades.  Why keep on changing them? Because everything must change.  “Even good things must go by the wayside.”   (- …”Revelations”, I think it was.)
  • Years ago, we Americans were in stiff competition with the Russians on many fronts: Sports,  Space Races, Nuclear bombs, Our very Existence…those sorts of things . I am not saying this is over; but I sense we are in stiff competition with China, as well.  I read the Chinese are building up the numbers in their Military forces.  In order to reach the count they want, they are expanding the limits on Obesity.  We can match them one for one on Obesity…and, what’s more, we accept felons, dropouts, and non-citizens to our Services.  The Chinese have said they will accept recruits with tattoes on faces and necks – that is how desperate they are.  I’m told we accept tattoos on eyelids. I dare the commies to match that!
  • Speaking of competition:  Russia has a flat Tax of 12% – the Commies!  Our Tax code is four times as long as “War and Peace”…compete with that!
  • I read that 20% of our nation suffers from mental illness.  I wonder which 20% that is:  The Young?  The Old?  The Right?  Left?  Undecided? Unemployed?  Women?  White?  People of Color?  Politicians?  Student debt holders? QAnoners? Anti Vaxxers?  Machine-gun owners? Only 20%?  I think that number is low.
  • 53% of Americans believe torture is justified, according to a recent study.   I want to know how ‘They’ asked the question, exactly….and what did the person do to get tortured in the first place?  And are the people who justify torture…are they counted among the 20% mentally ill?
  • I heard that for the past few years – at bonus time – Goldman Sachs has sent out a memo telling the ‘Bonusees’ not to ‘Show-off’ with big purchases…reminds me of in the movies when the gangsters are told not to spend large after robbing the bank.

And now for a word or two from MATHUZALA, our guest (Rodent) columnist:


  • You have placed your trust in the Corporations…but you have found the Corporations are people, too, and now you do not know who or what to trust. Trust us.  What have you got to lose?

If you want to know more about MATHUZALA – and his teachings, go to:  Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS”


And now a few quotes which you can use to break the silence during a job interview, or at a dinner with your boss or underlings, or while you are sitting alone in Lockdown – bored, and talking to yourself:

  • “Boredom is Rage, spread thin.” – Paul Tillich, Philosopher, Theologian
  • “Life is short; Live it up.” -N. Khrushchev, former Russian Communist leader.

Good luck out there.


Answer to quiz at top of post: You are correct if you noticed our Hero, The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness is PHUBBING while in the company of his true love, Mamzelle Pinkie. He would never do that. Bonus answer: You may have noticed, Bork, the Angry Purple Slug is in the background, intruding on our favorite couple’s privacy. NOTEFLIX  would never allow such a thing to occur in one of its productions. (This whole photo is a product of conspiracy theorists and may even be a MEME – whatever that is – and will be Cancelled to preserve our Culture.)

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