NOTICE! Noteflix Production announces: There is no  new photo and caption  for today’s posting because Bork the Repulsive, Angry Purple Slug, by his mere presence, has intimidated our staff of young WRITERS, who have missed their deadline, thereby.

Below, are a few topics to wonder about – other than: The Vaccines and The Anti-Vaxxers.

  • WRITERS: Ten years ago the New Yorker selected 20 WRITERS – Young WRITERS – to ‘watch’…to see how they progressed in their skills and careers.  I hate that. Why couldn’t they have ‘watched’ 20 Old WRITERS, to look out for? What do the young have to say, anyway?  All they talk about are: Crushes, ‘Coming of Age’ and their latest Digital Apps.  People are trying to stop other people from voting. People are trying to change the history of America. People are saying there were hardly ever any Indians here. The I.M.F. has determined Graft is the world’s costliest economic problem. Corruption rates are high – 45 out of 50 American States could have saved over $1300 per resident if their corruption rates fell to the national average.  Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee are the most corrupt.  (You don’t see the kids  WRITING about stuff like that.  Me? I’ll WRITE about those things ’til the cows come home.  [-Old folks saying])
  • STUDIES, Here are some you may have missed: STUDIES  show 84% of people going through foreclosure show signs of depression.  (I would have thought the number would have been slightly higher.  Whenever I go through foreclosure, I get terribly depressed.  I’d like to see a study on those who are not bothered by foreclosure.  Do they ‘Open Carry’?   Are they besotted?   Another STUDY shows older people feel alone.  (Duh, everybody they know has passed on, or gone to Florida. ‘.. Another STUDY goes on to show that High Blood Pressure can cause loneliness.  This makes me wonder if Low Blood Pressure can make you feel like you are in a crowd.  (I’ll bet the kids at The New Yorker aren’t writing about thoughts like that!)  Yet another STUDY reveals if a man beats his wife, his son is 76 times more likely to go to jail than are the sons of non-wife-beating dads.  The problem is the wife-beating dads do not read these studies., studies show.
  • %s: You all know the top 1% has 50% of everything – give or take.  And the bottom 40% have almost nothing.  And the top 5% has 67% of everything, more or less.  You know: Wealth beats Income, and Income beats no Income – you know all that.  Also, Wealthy people SLEEP more than Poor people and people live longer who sleep more. (Me? I  SLEEP 8 1/2 hours a night, like a baby, and I’m not Wealthy.  Maybe I am – and I don’t know it.)
  • SLEEP: Speaking of SLEEP, my spiritual question is:  Can, or does God (Who is all powerful) SLEEP?  If “No”, GOD is missing out.  If “Yes”, then what happens to the rest of us while GOD is SLEEPING?
  • Other STUDIES show that looking at bones of our ancestors, (of over many thousands of years ago,) tell us many things: ie., That when we stood up straight, we thrived because we could see further ahead and we then knew where the danger or food was…and we multiplied.  Also, that we used to have ankle bones which gave us tree climbing skills – which helped some of us back then.  (Me? I stand up fairly straight these days; but I do not see ‘far-away’ very well for several reasons: 1) There are too many people – along with their stuff – in front of me, blocking my vision.  & 2) My vision is not as good as it was back in the Pleistocene era. As for the ankle bit, I never could climb tree, so maybe I have descended from another creature; could be.  I’ll bet the young WRITER elites don’t WRITE like this)

And Now a few words from our wise Rodent, MATHUZALA:


  • Neuroentrepreneurs have studied brain pictures and have found they can spot violence patterns in the brain.  How’d they get this far?  They made rats violent and then they cut their brains and took pictures. Wait until we rats study you.
  • The Age of The Scientists is young – and may not get old; if left to the humans.

If you want to know more from MATHUZALA or want to give your best friend a gift, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and learn even more than you have from this post.


A few quotes , for the benefit of Young WRITERS:

  • “When in doubt have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.” -Raymond Chandler (Successful Writer)
  • “No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.” -Samuel Johnson. (Successful Writer)
  • “First coffee. Then a bowel movement. Then the Muse joins me.” – Gore Vidal. (successful Writer.)
  • Never let a domestic quarrel ruin a day’s writing. If you can’t start the day fresh, get rid of your wife. ” -Mario Puzo (Most successful Writer)

…and some words for others:

  • “Sometimes we don’t solve anything – we just re-arrange the mystery.”  – Coyote Waites, Robert Redford, Producer
  • “The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.”  -H. Truman, former U.S. President,” ( …and you could include also “the STUDIES you don’t know.” -cem



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