A NOTEFLIX TEST: See if you can guess why these creatures are in the above photo. How do they relate in any way to the bullets in the post below? Our answers are found at the bottom of this page.


This posting is intended to take your mind off whatever it is it has been on. Give yourself a break. A chance to think about topics you might have let drift away…


  • Studies show brainless creatures can sleep. Yes.  (This is true, also, of my political opposites; but there are no studies to prove it, yet.)  Jellyfish can sleep – and they can also lay up to 45,000 eggs a day.  So, brainless creatures are also good at reproducing.
  • There are studies which show a calorie restricted diet prolongs life.  There are also studies which show a calorie restricted diet shortens life.  We need a tie-breaker here.  (I think the restricted diet makes life seem longer. Me? I think they should see how much longer you can live on an augmented calories diet.)
  • I read a study which purports drugs widely prescribed for PTSD are no more effective than placebos – and come with side-effects of obesity and fatigue.
  • A study claims we will have an obesity rate of over 50% of the population in nine years.  Another study says we already have exceeded 50%.   Another study claims that whatever the count is – it is Nixon’s fault for subsidizing corn for the fructose/sugar industry.  (Whether Nixon was a crook or not, this was a criminal thing to have done.)


  • “They” discovered a planet, maybe four trillion miles away – that might have similar features to those of Earth.  This planet travels around a dwarf sun eleven times a day…and “They” want to send a probe to see what more they can see about this place. This probe would take 50 years to get there.  (I think “They” should spend the money on killing the mosquitos that are making our brains smaller. Or, is it too late for that? Or how about making a drug which can effectively deal with PTSD?)
  • Scientists are saying:  25% of the Universe is Dark Matter.  5% is Atoms and stuff like that.  70% is Dark Energy (…pushing space apart).  No wonder people don’t trust Scientists these days.  Who can understand what they are talking about?
  • I never heard, or knew about, Lake Vostok until I read an article about it the other day. It is located miles below the ice of Antartica and the Russians have drilled down into it. Suddenly, I am worried about this lake.  It has been in darkness for 20 million years and now we – the Russians, I mean, have brought it to light. Uh, oh.
  • There is an argument which holds that methane emissions from cows, termites and landfills – even though they are short-lived pollutants – are so great a problem, they need to be regulated.   California is trying to do something about their own methane gas problem; but if gas from the  cows in Colorado and the termites in Oregon flow into the California, what can be done? (I have not read any proposed solutions. All the good thinkers are thinking about other things. They need to be reading this post.)
  • China has an idea:  They give ‘Social credits’ for good behavior.  You take care of your parents; you get ‘Social credits’.  You pay your bills on time.  Social credits.  I have not found what these credits do for you; but I like something about the idea – despite the problem with it means the Government is keeping a sharp eye on you.  But that is happening here already and we are not even getting any social credits.  Me?  I’d give Social credits to people in front of me in line who are ready with their money when it comes time to check out.  More credits to people who do not put their feet on chairs in public places.  Big credits to drivers, who, when they get in their cars at a parking lot – immediately exit their parking space, rather than getting on their cell-phones and making me want to take a baseball bat to their vehicle because they won’t get out of “MY SPACE”.
  • I have an old note which concerns a father/son act in Connecticut.  It seems there is a video, online, of the two of them with a drone, firing a gun and then a flamethrower.  At the time of the article, over 4 million people saw the video of the drone’s antics.  You might have seen it yourself.  The FAA was looking into this.  Were laws broken?  The father/son act had a lawyer claiming they had Constitutional rights against ‘Unreasonable Search and Seizures’.  (I don’t like “Unreasonable Search and Seizures”, but I like fathers and sons firing weapons from drones, even less.  I do not know how this one played out; but before I’d move to Connecticut – I’d find out.)

And now a word or so from our guest columnist Mathuzala.


“You are drinking and drugging all over the map.  You are addicted to your ‘medicines’ and are feeding each other cancerous foods.  You are diminishing your gene pools, destroying your brain cells and lessening your abilities to think reasonably.  What is that all about?” (Puff, Blow, Sip & Drag)  “No rats would behave like that – except in experiments….”

Ed. Note:  If you want to know more about Mathuzala, and his wisdom, please go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and buy  “THE RAT PAPERS”.   Become among the awakened few.

Thank you for reading this far…Best, -Staff of Notes From The Room of Wonder


You are correct, if you guessed that: 1) Big Sis is in the photo because she would be on a calorie restricted diet (see Bullet #2) – if she were not a Stuffed Animal.  2) All the little creatures are in the photo because they represent the fact that the  brainless can reproduce. (See Bullet #1)   3)  All the Stuffed Animals are in the photo because they get a ‘social credit’ for not emitting methane. (See Bullets #8 &#9) When we started our site, we  only had one Stuffed Animal, The  Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness. (Stage Center) – and now see what happens when you start a project without knowing where it will lead. Bork, the Angry Purple Slug, is in the picture because he just slithered in.


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