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  • Phenology Anxiety:  To become distraught over the periodic biological changes correlated with climate conditions, such as:  The freezing of flowers, early allergies, dry riverbeds.  If you are disheartened by stunted blooms, you may be cascading down this slope of difficult return.  This type of anxiety causes morose and pessimistic thinking.  The good news is:  Specializing in the curing of this disorder could be a lucrative profession in the near future.  Remember:  All problems are opportunities.
  • Terminal Lucidity:  This is the brief state of clarity and energy that sometimes precedes death.  I am not in this state as I write.  I do see things clearly right now; but I do not have the energy to cope with them.  Sometimes I have the reverse, in that I am full of energy; but I do not see things clearly at all.  I wonder if there is a name for that?  Perhaps it is ‘The condition of Man”?
  • FLESH BRAINS:  As distinguished from Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.  It is proposed when AI systems start making iPhones and re-produce themselves and  achieve other horrible clever plateaus…that is when the final ‘disruption’ will occur.  We will no longer use our flesh brains on a daily basis and man will be without purpose.  I  do not know whether this thinking is the result of a form of Terminal Lucidity, or of a severe case of Phenological Anxiety.
  • S.T.E.M.:  Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.  (I admit I was a poor student in these subjects, so perhaps my feelings for this term are biased.  However, I am not comfortable with the dominance of S.T.E.M. in our society.  I sense we think we have thought all the thoughts there are to think and from this point forward all advancements and new pleasures will result from S.T.E.M.  Will there come a time when S.T.E.M. could produce AI systems to replace all our jobs and then AI’s next realm to conquer will  be to address the question of, “Who are you to think?”  Will we need ‘Credentials’ to think?…Or, has that time already arrived?)



  • Time is a figment of our imagination – yet time is all we have  (-cem)
  • I read where 31% of Australians are vitamin D deficient.  This is due to over sun-screening, and Cancer fears.  You may think is is not important because there not many Australians in the first place.  But you would be wrong. The point is: Do not use too much sunscreen.
  • The Middle Class has not disappeared.  It has gone slumming to where the the Poor Class dwells – to see if it can get used to it down there.  Once the Middle Class realizes it is the same as the Poor Class – except that its members are working their brains out – and they start to think they don’t belong there – watch out.  It’s just a thought.  (Today’s ‘Sign off’ is dedicated especially to the Middle Class)
  • It turns out Hunter-Gatherers need less sleep than do we Consumer-Hoarders (My term.)  Their sleep number was 6.5.  Ours is somewhere between 8 and 9.  Sometimes I progress to needing 9.5.
  • Here is Good News. Way back in time, spiders were much bigger than they are today.  A half meter tall, some of them.  (Spiders are another thing on my list of grievances – and one and a half foot tall versions of them would be an unimaginable horror to me.)  Apparently, there was more oxygen in the air then – which is to explain their hugeness.  This was before man was created on the Seventh Day.  I wonder whatever  happened to the oxygen?  Or is this the Bad News?  Only S.T.E.M. knows, I suppose.  (Oh, and another thing: Will S.T.E.M. ever produce a building as beautiful as the one pictured above in this post?)
  • There is a bird, an Albatross, who is 67 years old and she had a baby this year – her name is Wisdom.  You could look her up.  Coleridge’s “Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner” ends with “He Prayeth Best, Who Loveth Best, All Things Great and Small, for the Dear Lord Who Madeth Us, He Made and Loveth All”.  Think on that S.T.E.M.ers.

I’ll leave you with Kristofferson’s refrain: “‘Freedom’s’ just another word for nothin else to lose.  Nothin ain’t worth nothin, but it’s free.”

Until the next post – and beyond….”May your house be safe from Tigers.” (Old Far Eastern saying)





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