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  • PLENUM:  The opposite of: Vacuum. I have difficulty imagining such a thing.  I saw this word in an article about Black Holes.  Apparently, you might find a plenum in the bottom of a Black Hole, if I understand it correctly.  All I know is Nature abhors a vacuum, so she must adore a plenum.  I have a closet that is full of the opposite of what Nature abhors, it is all plenumed up with my everything and nothing.  I fear we humans are coming to the point where we are filling all available space with both ourselves and our stuff, I guess it is in our nature to abhor a vacuum too.
  • TRIGGER WARNINGS:  Akin to Spoiler Alerts; but not exactly the same thing. Trigger Warnings alert readers/viewers that what lies ahead might be upsetting and, or offensive.  These are intended to protect from trauma and upset. (i.e., “Read no further – a grim murder is described in detail”…or, “Do not watch the next scene – Nudity is shown”…that sort of thing.)  I bring this term to your attention because I am issuing a Trigger Warning here, realizing the following Vocabulary submissions might offend. Your choice.
  • DICTATOR CHIC:  This refers to a style of interior design, which is meant to Impress and intimidate – not to  look or be comfortable. ‘Dictator Chic’ is in high demand these days in autocratic quarters.
  • POLITIOPATH:  A person who hates both his or her constituency and opposition.  I do not remember the need for such a word back in the day.
  • “TALAQ”:  There is a State in India where over a hundred seventy-five million people live – and if a man in that State says “Talaq” three times to his wife: He is thereby divorced.  The woman does not get to use this word to the same effect.  We do not honor such a custom here,  for we are a civilized people  – and our women are treated with respect.
  • PRONATALIST SOCIETY:  Social concept where larger families are needed to support the economy. Abortions  in these societies are illegal because abortions deny the State its workers.  (We are not a Pronatalist Society. We are something else.

End of Trigger Warning



  • Three-quarters of iPhone users are within five feet of their phone at all times.  12% occasionally use the phone in the shower.  (The first iPhone was sold in 2007)
  • A while ago I read Americans check their iPhones 8 billion times a day.  That is to say:  All the Americans together check the phones eight billion times a day…not each American; which would be stupid.  But I wonder if you check your phone and then you stay on it all day, does that count as only one check, or what?  Maybe you could get credit for at least a million checks that way, depends on how it is counted.  Anyway, the statistic I sited was over a year old and I’m sure the number is much higher now, now that more of us know how to use the thing.  Pretty soon there will be no time left to do anything else but be on the phone – just to keep up with things.  PLENUM time, I guess.  I checked my phone only a dozen times this morning and then said “TALAQ” three times to my iPhone; but it would not leave me. Instead it sent me twenty emails and asked me to change four of my passwords.  The iPhone is the  sign of our times. It is a wonderment. Below, is littler sign:
  • People out West (Nevada or Arizona somewhere) saw a shooting star in the sky and some thought it was a sign.  It turns out what they saw was a Russian rocket flaming out as it re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere.  Such debris is  known as: Space Junk.  Thus, the observation:  One man’s junk, is another man’s sign.

(Editor’s pledge: From this post forward, as we sign off, I will try to leave my reader with a piece of wisdom I have gleaned along the way.  Here is one I learned just the other day from personal experience:)

“If you see water and you can’t tell how deep it is – do not drive into it.”

Until next time, “Let’s Went…”

(-The Adios ‘sign off’ from The Cisco Kid to Pancho – as they turned their horses toward the sunset.) -cem






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