The top photo is a re-cap, bringing you up to date on our story. Below is where we are at this very moment.

Has anyone seen our Henrietta, the Venetian Chocobird?  Last we knew she was trying to escape the jagged claw of the Easter Chocolate Eaters.  All we can do is hope for the best.  Without hope, there is no hope.  Come back next week for more action.


  • “WHO GOES THERE?”: Back in the ‘Great Wars’ of the last century when an American soldier was crawling back to his own own line at night, our infantrymen on guard duty would shout “WHO GOES THERE?”… “I’m an American” would be the reply.  “Yeah?  Well if you’re an American, tell us who won last year’s Pennant?”  And if the crawler gave the right answer, he came back safely, otherwise, he was shot; I suppose.  Anyway, my question is:  What would the question be today to prove you were an American wanting to come back to safety?  “Who slapped who at the What?”  “Who is the President of the United States?”  “What is the current season number of ‘Better Call Saul’?  “What is the name of the man who wants to buy Twitter?’ ….No one knows who won last years pennant, anymore.  Time moves on.
  • OLD NOTE -2015:  “Russia might lose the World Cup Host position if it continues to steal foreign lands.” (Crimea) What is past is not just in the past.
  • THE U.N. has not agreed upon definition for ‘TERRORISM”. The problem being:  Your nation’s Hero, might be our nation’s Terrorist.
  • DISSENT:  I’ve noticed no one likes dissent or protestors.  No one.  Not China, not Russia, North Korea, Egypt, the Saudis, the Muslims, the U.S.A., the Supreme Court…No one…
  • MIGRATION:  And no one really likes the people who are fleeing their own countries…There are an estimated 272 million international migrants, with over 32,000 people fleeing their own countries every day.  And the waters have not begun to rise in earnest, yet.
  • YOU KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING:  I read where it says if the Climate keeps going like it is, there will be no more coffee beans in 63 years.  I do not want to live in such a world.  Is nobody doing anything about this?   I also read the U.S. and China are ‘cautious’ about addressing Climate Change…and if Business continues as usual the temperatures will go up 8.75 degrees by 2100 and the seas will rise 26 feet and I’ll have made it to 159 years old and be on the front page of the New York Times – at last.
  • BAD BOOKS & BAD MATH:  I’ve been reading about Florida and the Governor and his followers who are banning some books from the schools, books which teach Critical Race Theory – which is the idea that Racism is not just bias, but in the structure of the system as well.  Apparently, the thought of this would impair the spirit of the children in Florida.  I have looked into this to a small extent.  DeSantis has banned a book that proves his point.  For example: This book states: (In the polynomials section) “S= 0.3x to the third power -2.8x to the second power + 6.7 x +3c”….I am not capable of making this up…but I do not like it and I do not want the children in Florida to see it.  “Huckleberry Finn” and “To Kill A Mockingbird” are bad enough.  Do we need such disgusting equations muddling our young minds?  I am still trying to figure out the problem of one man leaving NYC at 3:pm, heading due west at 4 miles per hour on a windy day and another heading due east from Cleveland which is 450 miles away – traveling at 3 miles per…When and where do they meet?  and Why? oh God, was that important in the great scheme of things?  Where was DeSantis when I needed him?
  • A GOOD LAW:  The Chinese are considering a law that would require young people to take care of their parents.  The Commies! …Actually, after considering it, I think I’ll move my kids to Shanghai, someplace near the water.


More ‘Thoughts” next week. But now a few words from our Resident Rodent MATHUZALA


  • As many of you know, there were many experiments done on and to my brain; experiments which, unintentionally, made me the smartest of all the creatures of the earth….the result of which is sometimes I get a severe headache.  I have a whopper today.  My best relief is to get away from it all and  travel to the closest wormhole, where I can think in peace. I have found knowing a lot can be painful, especially if knowing so much doesn’t do you any good.  When I relax on the other side of the wormhole, I usually come up with a plan to correct things…I will be back with such a plan in a few days.

Were you to want to know more of what MATHUZALA knows and his plan to correct things – go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS”.



  • Back in the 1940’s there were many men traveling the Italian countryside looking for work.  If you wanted to work for a shoemaker, for example, frequently you would be asked if you had the necessary skills.  Just like today, a prospective employer might ask you what you can do . In those days, the employer would ask the man seeking the shoemaking job to make a miniature sample of his craft on the spot. (See picture below.)  If he could produce a quality item, the man got the job.  If you were to see one of these little leather shoes in a store window here, you might be asked to pay $70-$80 for one of them.

A Quote:

  • “Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?”  -The Joker, “Batman”

That’s all there is for now…until next week…and a fond “Hello”  to Belle, wherever you are.



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