Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”. While our film crew is on vacation, members of our cast are attending a lecture series on the “History of Stuffed Animals”.  This lecture is being given in the dark of night because there are some malcontents who would ban such activities – under the name of who knows what. This particular lecture delves into the question of : Who was the first Stuffed Animal? Was it Peter, the Rabbit ? Or Frankie the Dog? …The malcontents believe the knowledge pertaining to such things might lead to Socialism, or even – worse – to the State of WOKE, wherever that is. (We hope to get back to filming next week.)


  • Treading where Angels fear to go, I read in Florida those in power have recently scoured Math Textbooks for ‘Prohibited topics’. and I could not agree more. I remember in Algebra (which is a Math form) there was this question of a man walking from N.Y. to N.J. And another man walking from N.J. to N.Y.  One was walking at 3 mph and the other at 2.5 mph and they are 400 miles apart and one left at 2:00 P.M.  and the other at 3:00 P.M. and what time would they meet up? And where? Something like that. I was shocked. What were these men really up to? And why?  There are all kinds of questions that come to mind  1) What kind of bathrooms did they get to use? 2) Had any of these guys ever dressed in drag in a high school musical? 3) Were either or both of them ‘Non Hispanic’ or ‘Black’? or Trans? and if not, why not? …4) Do you think the Questioner should be fired for mentioning “drag” to our little darlings?  OMG, I am becoming WOKE
  • “WOKE, WOKE, WOKE  – AT LAST”@, or “wOKe”(The @ is to state I have copyrighted these word forms…not being “SLEEP’D”@ (Which is the opposite of being wOKe@) and wanting to make moocho dollares off T-shirt sales using my idea.
  • There once was this polymath, a “Universal Genius” by the name of Leibniz. He spoke many languages, invented the Binary system, was an early Rationalist – you know the type. (late 1700’s) Well Leibniz, through his Math skills, concluded “THIS IS THE BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS”. He was the one who is credited with originating  that idea.  Leibniz is considered an optimist in the world of philosophers. Anyway, through my wOKeskills, and happy abandonment of Math, I have concluded Leibniz made a mathematical error – and, therefor: THIS IS NOT THE BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS.


And now a few words about our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist MATHUZALA

  • “There has been much written in the Media lately about how we rats are destabilizing some big cities; by running around in the gutters, streets, subways and such. True that. But you should know, we do appreciate of your finer efforts. We like what you do with paint, for example, and are going to leave your museums alone…unless you stop funding them…in that case we will take control of them as well.”


Notes away from Tuscany:

We are ‘away’ for another month, or so.  Among other things, we are dealing with the Florida Sun…which seems to test the theory:… that ‘Sunlight is the best disinfectant” as the State government here is bent on keeping sunlight out of the school curriculum.

We long for our return to Tuscany. Here is a schedule for an event we missed this past weekend.

For 51 years the little hill town of Montefioralle has been holding a festival where they stir fry (in an enormous pan – maybe 12 feet in diameter)  little rice doughnut things – sort of like Tuscan doughnut holes… That is what the festa is all about. They play music and dance…and some young men give a few doughnut holes to the girls they admire. You stand around for an hour, or so. What could have been better? Watching a basketball game on the tube?


A Quote:

“I was runnin’ through the summer rain
Tryin to catch the evening train
And kill that old familiar pain
Weavin’ through my tangled brain
When I tipped my bottle back
I smacked into a cop I didn’t see…

Well that was when someone turned out the lights
And I wound up in jail to spend the night
And dream of all the wine and lonely girls


That’s the best we have for this week….and a fond “Hello” to Pam, wherever you are.

P.S. We had no ‘Editor’ this week. If you noticed any typos, punctuation errors, comments that were not particularly apt, or witty enough – that sort of thing…blame the vacationing Editor.



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