Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  We are on a filming break and our Hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness and his true love, Mamzelle Pinkie are taking an afternoon stroll – while trysting on a tropical isle. They are stuffed strangers in a strange land and little do they know of the dangers existing therein. What is that creature emerging from the swamp?  Obviously, by the looks of it, it is up to no good.  This is not part of our plot.  This is what is actually happening. You are seeing it with your own eyes in near real time.  Sometimes, however, it is hard to trust your own eyes.  Maybe more on this next week.



  • This week, I read:  For Longevity: “Get up and go out.”  Sometimes one has to go back to the basics.
  • “Use it, or Lose it” (Referring to the Brain) is the new suggestion to prevent early onset of Dementia. O f course, you are also supposed to: Not smoke, not drink, take it easy on the sugars, stop eating so much meat, walk 10,000 steps a day…stairs – it is good to walk up many flights of stairs – all the time if possible, socialize.  Floss every day – very important, read, play games, do puzzles, learn a foreign language, learn how to use your phone…if you can’t do all these things daily and you have to visit your Doctor it is advisable you try to remember your birth date, which town you live in, and what day of the month it is – in case the Doctor asks you any tricky questions.
  • Studies show:  Educated, Secular & Progressive people (WOKE?) tend to have/create smaller families.  1) But can they defend themselves?  2) Isn’t this an invitation for immigrants to come and take our jobs?
  • I have read if there are two headlines, one about Who is the Richest?…and the other about Which Team is the Best?…and you could only read one of the articles, that over 65% of the people will choose to read the one about the Richest.  So, Winning is not the only thing – Money is the only thing.  Remember who said it.
  • Hi-tech photography reveals:  Raindrops are shaped like hamburger buns, not like teardrops.  There is a country song in there, somewhere.
  • NEW TERM:  “Perksession”.  This refers to corporations getting rid of employee ‘perks’ in the name of cost-cutting (or miserliness).  No more freshly brewed coffees, no more free taxi & Uber rides, no parental leave, no childcare subsidies – those sorts of things.


And now a few words from our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist MATHUZALA:

  • “We have been informed, unfortunately, one of your favorite Cable TV News shows is in process of making a ‘Cleaned up’ version of what “THE RAT PAPERS” is truly about.  The soon to be released videos will try to downplay the seriousness of our movement which you can read about in the authorized hard copy version.  (Available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble)  You will soon see how effective we are if you watch how the TV show in question dissembles in the next few months.”


No Notes from Tuscany. this week. We are traveling to the States for a short while and cannot report on Tuscan doings with any certitude.  Rumor has it Spring is coming.  The coffee is still good.  We are in the State of Florida…the birds are something else here. We can say that much.


A Quote: “Be careful out there.”  – Hill Street Blues

That’s it for now and a fond “Hello” to Jason S., wherever you are.

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