There is no Update on Noteflix’s  “Troubles in the Garden” due to our sympathy for the Writer’s strike. Next week we hope to be back in full production. However, to tide you over, we show you this photo of some Tuscan baby Swallows on the howl …and to show you a glimpse of the good life to come.



  • It is all coming together. I read there are studies which show that people who drink a lot become hierarchical and less egalitarian…and people who have not been exposed to ‘educated concerns’ also tend to  become hierarchical and less egalitarian. One translation of this would be that drunken idiots tend to be Right Wingers. Of course, these studies could have been conducted by Woke Com-symps. Maybe it’s not coming together, after all.
  • Arresting Anti-Corruption Protesters is an effective way to stop Anti-corruption shenanigans – and business as usual can proceed. (I can’t find the source of this note, so perhaps, I made it up by myself)
  • Homicide in the U.S. is outnumbered by Suicide. Telltale signs: 1) Writing a Will 2) Giving away possessions 3) Buying a gun (Attention: I just read where a former and maybe future President purchased a Gun at a gun show. Question: Is having your possessions taken away from you in the same category as giving them away?
  • Studies show: Mexicans work the most hours – ten a day. (Paid & Unpaid labor) Then come the South Koreans, and the Chinese, (Point of Interest: U.S. people cook less than any of these peoples) One explanation of the Mexican work statistic is: So many Mexicans are in the U.S. there are less of them left in Mexico to share the load.
  • I read where this ‘Chatbot’ thing can be put in front of your open refrigerator and it can make suggestions of what you could eat for dinner and it can also give you recipes from what ingredients it sees in there. (The future is really getting exciting).
  • Only ten years ago I had read where they found that orangutans liked to play ‘Apps for Apes’ on their iPads…Some of the Apps I’ve seen recently seem quite similar to the ones the orangutans are playing with.Look how far we’ve come in only ten years!
  • A tight End on the Kansas City Chiefs (A football team)…is reported to have over 3.2 million Followers on social Media. Taylor Swift (A singing entertainer) is reported to have over 273 million Followers on Social Media. How Can This Be? And not only that; it appears these two are dating each other. You do the math. If these two announce who they are voting for in the Presidential elections the other side is doomed. Maybe both sides are doomed.

MATHUZALA, our Rodent Resident Guest Columnist is still among the missing. He was not seen floating in the NYC subways – so, we assume he is safe and on high ground. A confidential Leaker has given us information suggesting MATHUZALA and his tekkies have developed a frequency which drives Billionaires to an unhinged state.  If “By their fruits, ye shall know them” holds any water, it would seem MATHUZALA is not only safe; but his plans to change our Civilization’s course is fast on its way.

A few quotes for your consideration:

  • “The Greatest flaw of the species is its overwhelming tendency to mistake agreement for truth.”  -Richard Powers…from a character in his book “The Overstory”
  • “All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind. -Aristotle…(But, then, Aristotle was to the Forum born.
  • “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
    -Arthur C. Clark, Clarke’s Third Law

That’s it for this week. …and a fond “Hello” to Karen (Sarasota Karen), wherever you may be.

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