Update from NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: (In case you are a ‘Newbie’ to this Blog, you are looking at Ezmiralda, the Hairy Pig Qween of the Land of Stuffed Animals.) Qween Ezmiralda not only sees herself in the mirror – she recognizes herself, which Scientists say is a sign of Intelligence. Not only does she recognize herself, Ezmiralda realizes she is quite the ‘Looker’.


  •  THE WATER LEVEL IS RISING!  Regarding this subject, you can: 1) …sell your beach house  2) …step back from the shoreline  3) …do nothing and you do not want to hear about it anymore  4) …take the position that the water level is not rising and all that chatter is a figment of the Liberal Cabal  5) …run for Congress, and after winning a seat, write and pass legislation which will combat Climate Change, immediately.  Those about cover the ground.
  • PERSONAL NOTE:  The other day, I hit the Exacta. You see, in the past, I have used the phrase “I would rather have a ‘Root Canal” than …have this or that…Such as, “I would rather have a Root Canal than have to work on a technical glitch on my computer.”  And guess what?  Two days ago, I got to experience both in one day.  I had my first ever Root Canal…and now I know I would rather work on my computer’s glitch. Experience is a good teacher, Now the worst is over and I can deal with the rising of the waters.
  • DOLPHINS:  I read a study which said Dolphins are smart because they can recognize themselves in a mirror.  Many times, when I pass in front of a mirror I do not recognize myself.  To the contrary, sometimes I wonder who that is, standing there, where I should be.  Does this mean the Dolphins are smarter than me? (I?.) Right now, I can’t remember whether we came from the sea and learned to walk, or did some of us go into the sea and learn how to hold our breath under water  – and then become dolphins? And besides, how do the Study People know whether the Dolphin recognizes himself or thinks it is just another Dolphin who he’s glad to see?


  • MISOPHONIA:  This is a disorder where you hate hearing the eating noises others are making.  If we were honest, I think all of us are MISOPHONIACS in one form or another.  Me?  I hate the sound of others eating popcorn and scraping the big bucket in the movie theater – and I am too weak of spirit to tell them, so I sit in the dark, fuming over something I possibly could do something about. My wife hates the sound of someone slurping soup off his spoon; but at least she complains to the slurper about it.
  • DINOBABIES:  This is a business slang term.  It refers to the older people in the IBM workforce – the ones management are “Easing” out and into retirement or anywhere they can ease them into.  A DINOBABY can be as young as ‘Late 40’s” – according to his or her skill-sets.
  • THE THWAITES DOOMSDAY GLACIER:  You may have been focusing on:  Possible war over Ukraine, or the Return of the Trumpers,  Or the Saudi/Trump Golf course deal, or the high cost of Avocados…but here is something you should really be prepared for: “THE THWAITES DOOMSDAY GLACIER” It is  roughly the size of Florida. Presently, it is in Antartica, but may be coming to a shore near you.  Studies show its demise (and it is demising as we write) would have huge effects on sea-levels rising, and could wipe coastal areas and small islands off the map displacing tens of millions of people.  If there is a rise in sea-level of just 3 feet, major cities like New York, Tokyo, and Miami, as well as islands like the Maldives, will be overwhelmed.  If it approaches 11 feet, coasts everywhere will be underwater.”  And the Dolphins will be seeing themselves in New York City.  (See option#5 in the first bullet above.)

And now for our resident rodent’s Guest Column:


  • Here is  the situation:  Studies prove it is difficult for humans to learn new things as they get past 40. And a lot of humans are past 40 and they are the ones ‘in power’ and they are not either eager to, or capable of, learning something new, something  which might help solve some of your great problems…because the over 40s don’t want to change anything…add to that, your young ones are all running around trying to have a good time and are not concerned with the big problems the old ones have created.  We rats only live about two years, so we get to the important things right away.  You humans have done many studies on us; but not the right ones.

(-Ed.Note: Were you to want to know more about how MATHUZALA handles the woes of the world, go to: Amazon, or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” – and you will learn many new things.)


We are about a month and a half away from Spring; but the Locals’ here cannot wait – the first hint of warmer weather, a suggestion of Sunlight and they come out with their strollers and bicycles, or stand around in little clusters, talking about I do not know what because they speak Italian.  People sit outside, in the too cold to sit outside weather and have their coffee in coats. Children run in the Piazza, some kicking soccer balls, others just running for the fun of it. Wait until Spring really arrives.

A FEW QUOTES, UPON WHICH TO PONDER:  (But first, it has been said:  “Great thoughts, sayings, aphorisms and Bon Mots are not for quotation as much as forAbsorption.”  I don’t know who actually said it, I just absorbed it.)

  • “History is more or less bunk.”  -Henry Ford, an historical figure, himself.
  • “The Future today is not what it used to be.”  -T-shirt seen on a beach in St. Tropez, 1988 (So, if the future will someday be History – does that make the Future ‘Bunk’, as well?)

and, most important of all…

  • “No matter what a person says; what they do in the end is what they meant to do.”  -Gus D’Amato, Boxing Manager, Boxing Hall of Fame.

That’s it, for now….and ‘Hello’ to Steve, wherever he may be…

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