Update on Noteflix’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  See here three different Points of view.  Our hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness and his true love, Mamzelle Pinkie, could stay in the Palm Grove forever – they like it so much. On the other hand Bork, the Angry Purple Slug, or whatever he is…can’t wait for the ‘Developers’ to come and rip out all the flora and fauna out take everything down and build a parking lot on the area.  On yet another hand, the pink flamingo thing (at the bottom of the photo) who is indigenous to the locale…wants all these ‘Snow Birds’, and worms, to go back home and leave everything as is, or as was.  More on this next week.


  • Two weeks ago I had concluded the ‘Security Business’ might be the biggest of all enterprises in the land…but this week I think the advertising field might trump Security (excuse the word, but it was a verb before it was a noun).  When I was a child we had billboards, newspaper ads, maybe something on the radio..the aspirin guy on TV, not much more…but look at what we have now.  We  have the TV, Movies, Newspapers, Google, Amazon, Door Dash, Uber, Twitter, Instacart, people who pay for fixing a pothole get to have their ad paved into the street, waiting on the phone for service of any sort, you get to listen to an ad.  People buy t-shirts with company logos on them and are virtually walk-around ads.  Whatever you do on-line you awaken the Algos to an infinite number of ads for items ‘they’ know you want.  So, if you want to find opportunity and you can’t get a Security Clearance…go into the ad game, young man.
  • The earth is spinning the way it used to; but its core is reversing its direction.  The polar caps are melting.  The center is expanding.  Waters are rising…water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink.  The Left is right, the Right is wrong.  If ever there was a time when the twain will not meet; this is it.
  • Movie Review – and Problem Solver:  The new “All Quiet On The Western Front” (nominated for 9 Academy Awards).  If you are over 45 you probably have seen enough war movies in your life-time and you do not need to see this; even though it might be the best anti-war movie ever made.  My suggestion is this movie should be shown to every high school student in the country.  And then there should be a test given after the viewing.  If the results show a student wants to join the army after seeing this movie, then that student should be placed on a “Cannot buy a gun” list and should be sent to a psychiatrist for evaluation.  The parents should be observed, also.


And now our column from MATHUZALA our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist:

  • “We have decided to no longer confine our dining to the alleys, trash cans and underground levels…no, no, we are just as fond of a good, clean, moderately aged Pecorino and vine ripened grapes and a few pieces of fresh fruit as you are.  We will continue to avoid the Chianti – we want to keep a clear head for the Upcoming Fray.”

Were you to want to know what the ‘Upcoming Fray’ is all about, please go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and see if there is any room left for you at the table.

Notes from Tuscany:

A few photos – to brighten your spirits. Turning the grape to Chianti wine…



Quoting:  The top advertising slogans of all time are:

  1. Nike – Just Do It
  2. Apple – Think Different
  3. Wendy’s – Where’s the Beef?
  4. Coca-Cola – Open Happiness
  5. L’Oreal – Because You’re Worth It
  6. M&M’s – Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands
  7. De Beers – A Diamond is Forever
  8. Wheaties – The Breakfast of Champions
  9. Dunkin’ – America Runs on Dunkin’
  10. Verizon – Can You Hear Me Now?
  11. Levi’s – Quality Never Goes Out of Style
  12. Red Bull – Red Bull Gives You Wings
  13. Airbnb – Belong Anywhere
  14. Burger King – Have it Your Way
  15. Disneyland – The Happiest Place on Earth
  16. Trix – Trix Are For Kids
  17. Jimmy John’s – Freaky Fast
  18. Olive Garden – When You’re Here, You’re Family
  19. Skittles – Taste the Rainbow
  20. Budweiser – The King of Beers
  21. Taco Bell – Live Mas
  22. Target – Expect More, Pay Less
  23. Bounty – The Quicker Picker Upper
  24. Subway – Eat Fresh
  25. Campbell’s Soup – M’m! M’m! Good!
  26. Frosted Flakes – They’re Grrreat!
  27. Energizer – It Keeps Going, and Going, and Going
  28. The New York Times – All the News That’s Fit to Print
  29. California Milk Processor Board – Got Milk?
  30. Lay’s – Betcha Can’t Eat Just One
  31. Toyota – Let’s Go Places
  32. Cheetos – It Ain’t Easy Bein Cheesy
  33. Harley-Davidson – All for Freedom. Freedom for All.
  34. Walmart – Save Money. Live Better.
  35. Mountain Dew – Do the Dew
  36. Gatorade – Is it in You?
  37. Maxwell House – Good to the Last Drop
  38. Ford – Built to Last
  39. Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Crave Those Crazy Squares
  40. United Airlines – Fly the Friendly Skies
  41. BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine
  42. FedEx – When it Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight
  43. IMAX – Think Big
  44. KFC – Finger Lickin’ Good
  45. Greyhound – Leave the Driving to Us
  46. Hershey’s – Pure Happiness
  47. Dairy Queen – Happy Tastes Good
  48. Pringles – Once You Pop, the Fun Don’t Stop
  49. Sprite – Obey Your Thirst
  50. Rice Krispies – Snap! Crackle! Pop! 

But what about: …”Helps build better bodies 12 ways”.   I bought into that for years.


That’s it from here this week. And a fond “Hello” to Mary D, wherever you are.


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