Update on Noteflix’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  Ok, Pay Attention.  It gets complicated.  The Gnome, on the right,  first appeared in a dream sequence – and since has travelled into the Everyday World.  Do not ask how, or why he changes his colors from yellow to blue (see him in last week’s posting.)  Some things cannot be explained as you should know from reading the news these days.  Anyway, our hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness has gone to the Gnome (…the word from the olde English: ‘Know-’em’) for advice on how to find the Happiness he is named after.  Will the Gnome tell him to 1) Toil the land? 2) Gain great wealth? 3) Become a tekkie, or a Gamer? 4) Or to do whatever he can to be nice to his true love, Mamzelle Pinkie?  Come back next week to see if there are any answers.

  • PROGRESS?  If I understand it correctly:  We Rooted around… and then we got the Ox to help us…and then we invented the Machine… and then the Steam engines…and then we invented the Computer and Chips and things…and then we invented Artificial Intelligence.  My questions are: 1) Are we better off now than we were when we were Rooting around? and 2) What are we going to invent next?
  • FARMLAND:  The U.S. has lost 50,000,000 acres of Farmland in the past quarter Century. Where it has gone? To the suburbs, factories, large estates, and some to erosion run-off.  Also, we have lost over 170,000 farms in that same time; never to be found again.  One result of this is: We have gained Daylight Saving Time – for as long as we want because there are fewer farmers to vote against it anymore.  (The farmers did not like to get up in the early morning darkness that came with Standard Time. you see)
  • A QUESTION:  Isn’t the world better off if the Disparity of Wealth is extremely wide?  Let’s say the top 1% had 99% of the wealth and all the easy spending money….they would be the only ones who could afford to heat themselves and drive around in cars and eat meat…Wouldn’t the planet be in better shape? Someone could do a study. The Koch brothers and other people who support tax breaks for the wealthy could fund it.
  • CORRECTION:  Carbon dating shows the era of King Tutankhamun was from 1570-1544 B.C. and not 1550 to 1539 as previously believed….and plants from artifacts also show Djoser, a notable Pharaoh of the Old Kingdom started his reign between 2691 and 2625 – not 2667 as previously held. So, update your records. It is interesting to me we can tell exactly what happened over three thousand years ago – when we are not sure what happened yesterday, or on Jan. 6th 2021.
  • INDIA:  I read in Mumbai, formerly Bombay, they were burning – out in the open – a noxious heap of toxic trash covering a three hundred acre site.  Ten thousand new tons of it a day.  This trash combusts daily and it smells and causes toxins to blow around…and there are from 450 million to 650 million people living there (who is counting?)…and the trash is growing…and we Americans whine over a little lead in the water here and there and a few toxic chemical carrying railcars tipping over…What babies!

Ever wonder why our Resident Rodent  Guest Columnist MATHUZALA  got so smart and how he keeps up?  Well, we have – and we have done some research on him.  Aside from the experiments scientists have done on his brain, which ended up giving him an IQ of over 750.  MATHUZALA has created his own study, in which he keeps abreast of all that occurs.  (See him below, keeping up))

Here you can see a sno-globe of Manhattan, a city he is currently taking control of.  Also, see a bust of Dante, his reminder of what depths of vice and sin humans will go to.  Also see the stack of books he digested only today.  Also see the original  working manuscript of his latest memoir “The Rat Papers” – which you can buy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble


A few quotes:

  • “Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex.”  -Karl Marx, (the Commie)
  • “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”  -Thomas Jefferson, (With the 50,000,000 acres gone, I wonder what he would say about the wisdom of our pursuits today.)

That’s it for this week…and a fond “Hello” Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.




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