Heaven, Pass or Fail, Happiness, The Pickle

  • The American Indian, I was told, believed in a “Happy Hunting Ground”. I wonder if some of us sort of believe in a “Happy Condo Land” today. What image of Heaven do Modern folk have in their minds? I like the Happy Hunting Ground scenario, if no body gets hurt.
  • The more I read about what we humans are doing, the more I hope God grades on the curve. The people around the globe are bringing up my chances of passing into the Happy Place.
  • I have read: We are designed to be happy. But my readings also tell me to be nuts is a possibility, too.
  • You have no doubt heard about some who were born on third base – and thought they were something. Well, sometimes I think I was born, scrambling somewhere between 2nd and 3rd – what is known as ‘in the pickle’; but still in the game.

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