Words to Communicate With – 0r Not

LOWER CLASS OBLIGE – I made it up.  It seems the Lower Class is the only class that is left to do anything, since the Middle Class is disappearing and the Noblesse is not oblige-ing anymore.

TECHNOPHOBES – Those who fear TECHNOPHILES. There is no known cure for this phobia, I know because I have it.

SINGULARITY – When technology may intimately, or overtake us. (See word above)

MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME – Making yourself sick – so you can get sympathy from others. (Please note, though I have Technophobia, I did not do this to myself.)

HONEST SERVICES –  Today, if you are a CEO, you do not have to give anyone your ‘Honest Services’ – so sayeth the Supreme Court. (Here goes my everything.)

….and now, two quotes:

“The future is already here it’s just not evenly distributed.”  – William Gibson. (But I think the future is not what it was.)

AVE CAESAR NOS MORETUM TE SALUTAMUS –  What the gladiators of yore said before the games began; so, I guess things are better now.

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