More Things Learned While Watching TV

  • 60% of Necrophiliacs work in the Death business  i.e., funeral parlors, cemeteries & the like. (- Criminal Intent)
  • Your memory of an event begins to distort after 15 seconds. (Cannot remember where I saw that.)
  • 1 in 4 women can misread a traditional pregnancy test. (How do the men stack up in this regard, I wonder.)

I have begun to make a list of SIDE EFFECTS which have run across my screen with very fast speaking voice-overs – so you can ingest them at your convenience: “Bruise easily”, “Cannot stop taking”, “You may get a stroke”, “Allergic reactions may occur”, “Can’t stop bleeding”, “Brown or pink urine”, “Vomit looking like coffee grounds”, “Stool looking like tar”, “Unusual bleeding from gums”, “Difficulty breathing”, “Difficulty swallowing”, “Yeast infections”, “Dehydration”,”Rash”, “Suicidal thoughts”, “Nausea”, “Decreased hunger”… … …

A) The first thought that runs across my mind is : There are so many things that can go wrong with us – even when we try to make things right.

B) I have  a list of many more of these side-effects – and I will post them from time to time; if this section receives “LIKES”. Only then.

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