Words, Phrases and the Like

DEEP FAKE – Fake app. creating face swaps in videos leaving little traces of manipulation. If you have not read about theses things in the news, don’t blame yourself, it is hard to keep up.

MANSPLAINING – …to point out explanations made by men to female counterparts.

RUDENESS – …” is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” ( E. Hoffler)

ANHEDONIA – The inability to experience happiness. Amazing there is such a word, let alone a diagnosis.

MIXOLOGIST – A high-toned word for a ‘Bartender’, a person who helps others experience happiness, I suppose.

CRYPTO PARTIES – …where they get together and help each other prevent the government from collecting their data. I think these people need a good mixologist to come over – and if that does not work we will no doubt have a bunch of anhedoniacs on our hands.

I like to add a quote (a piece of wisdom, if you will) into this blog – every once in a while. something that might help the reader gain an insight into “What is it all about ‘ or ‘Why is this all happening?’ Here go two offerings:

“The Chief cause of our problems – are the solutions to previous problems.” (E. Severied – upon his retirement ceremony)

“Everyone has a plan – until they get punched in the mouth”. (Mike Tyson, one time Heavy-Weight Champion of the world. I’m not sure I agree; but it is worth considering, considering who is speaking))




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