• My take is the average American family could not come up with enough cash to pay the fee to get smuggled into this country, let alone to the Texas border. What that means, I do not know, but it is interesting.
  • I read where studies show American teenagers would rather text each other than talk to each other. A) Who needs to develop social skills anyway? Look where all the social skills of the past have brought us. B) 86% of these kids have a smart phone, which has more computer power than all the computers that took us to the moon, so maybe these kids are really smart and are headed in the right direction. C) This line intentionally left blank.
  • I read where adults who played games glorifying risks as children are more likely to have risky driving habits. This explains much of what I’ve seen on the road. It seems the study also showed these miscreants are more likely to cut across lanes than others; but do so less when a passenger is in the car. A) We need more of these studies.. B) I want to get paid to do them, myself. C) I want to know more about the driving habits of people who played ‘Scrabble’ and then “Monopoly’ – the studies could be endless. We are talking $s, $s.
  • I’ve been thinking about Daylight Savings Time. It cuts back on Traffic accidents. It reduces street crime, saves energy, boosts commerce & recreation. A) Why not have it all year round? B) Why not push it forward two more hours and save even more?
  • Speaking of time, I read where 1/2 of the world’s population uses the Internet (What on earth do the other people use? Can you imagine?)…and that the people in the U.S. spend more time on the phone and online than that do on the TV. (And this, after I’ve shown you a smidgeon of what can be learned on TV in today’s section titled: VALUABLE or INTERESTING, etc…) But the point is we spend so much time: Watching the phone, staring online or glued to the TV (Over 6 hours a day, it is said) that we do not have much time for anything else. So more Daylight Savings is not going to help.


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