-Photo by La Morgana

Henrietta, the Venetian Choco-bird, is here to chirp to you a “Happy ‘Pasquetta’ and a good rest of the After Easter Week. Mamzelle Pinkie is shown by her side so you can realize how big Henrietta is.



  • There is: Quantum Physics (People have won Nobel Prizes in this category)  There is: Quantum Entanglement (More physics & Nobel Prize winners)  How come no one has come up with: “Quantum Spirituality”?  I’ll bet you could get a prize from someone for that.
  • I think he who controls the ‘Algos’ will control more of the future than the other controller wannabes.  But the ‘Algos’ are out of control, hence, the future will be out of control…Same as it ever was.
  • In the past it was ‘Art follows Form’ (…i.e., the Cave drawings at Lascaux, France, where the artist showed you how they hunted; Art following form)…then came ‘Form following Art’ (i.e., many movies inspiring people, showing them how to rob banks or do drug deals).  Now we have a little ‘Entertainment following Misinformation’…with a smattering of  ‘Form following Misinformation’, (January 6 following the Big Lie).  I read an article the other day about “The Democratization of Misinformation”, which leads me to despair in that I foresee a return to the throwing of buckets of paint on the canvass as the next artistic metier.
  • For years now, I have had many phone conversations starting off with something like this: “In order to improve service this phone call may be recorded.”  Have you noticed any improvement of services due to recorded phone calls?  What is this?  Is it a Russian or Right Wing plot to lead us into despairing of anything ever improving in our Services industries?  Who keeps these recordings?  Questions need be asked.
  • Wait a Minute.  I just realized who is going to control the ‘Algos’…it will be the: ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) people.  It probably already is.  Will AI push Misinformation to achieve their end? And what, exactly, is their end?… I looked up the antonym of Artificial and found it is: Natural…So, since there seems to be no natural intelligence these days we might as well put our hopes in the artificial stuff.
  • I had this thought which emanated from the Darkside, which was:  The World would be better off if there were even a  greater disparity of Wealth.  Follow me.  If, let’s say, only 1/2 of 1% have great wealth and everybody else scrounges around for the minimums or less, then there would be less pollution because fewer people could drive, or fly around or take those cruise ships everywhere.  Fewer people could afford to eat meat, which would result in less deforestation, because there would be less need for open fields for cattle  to roam in and that, in turn, would mean less cow gas in the air. And if you do not understand how this could be, you have not been paying attention to the news before it was Misinformationized.) Anyway,  if you wanted to do a study on this, with the idea of theorizing that Greater Wealth Disparity results in better conditions for the planet, I think you could raise money from the Koch Brothers and Members from the Right Side of the Aisle.

And now an update on our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist MATHUZALA while on his Spring Travels…As well as our weekly Notes From Tuscany:

-Photo by La Morgana

The above picture says it all, even though we do not know what is being said.  Either MATHUZALA is saying something to get Henrietta, the Venetian Choco-bird, to join his cause, which is to save civilization by taking control of it – or Henrietta is asking MATHUZALA if he can keep her safe from the humans, who love to eat chocolate in any shape or form.  Lots of action in Tuscany this week.  If you feel any pity for Henrietta and a dollop of empathy for mankind, go purchase a copy of the book below and set yourself aright.

(Available a few keyboard strokes away.  Online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Buy now before the Book Banners find out about it.)



  • “Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.”  – Pablo Picasso
  • “Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it.”  –Leon Trotsky
  • “Open the pod bay doors, HAL. HAL: …”I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” -Stanley Kubrick, 2001, A space Odyssey –

Goodbye for now…and a fond “Hello” to Christa & Ricardo, wherever you are…


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