Have you noticed when an interviewer is having trouble with an interview he/she will ask the Politician, General, or the like “..and what keeps you up at night?”)

  1. Some ponder and say “Terror”, others talk about the poor & suffering, some say the weather.
  2. Just once, I’d like them to be honest and say “The Pie I ate last night.” Or ,
  3. “I don’t have enough money.” That is what keeps a lot of us awake, I’ll bet.

NEW USAGE OF WORDS: A) IMPACT WITH TERRAIN (means airplane crash – corporate speak) B) BROMANTIC PERIOD (A time in history when tough men favor tough men…versus the Romantic Period, or the Age of Reason) C) BANDWIDTH..as in “He does not have the Bandwidth to do the job”, meaning “He is not smart enough…


Who said? “My life was wasted and spent foolishly, brought shame and suffering to my parents and siblings and life will end soon.

A) This could be almost anybody.

B) Whitey Bulger, responding to a letter from 3 schoolgirls.

C) Some member of your own family.


(B…always pick ‘B’ when in doubt)


The Revolution will be Streamed, Disliked, Deleted …and lost in the Cloud. (cem)



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