Episode #65 of NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”  Before we move our story along, we introduce a new character.  On the right of photo you will see “Big Sis” (aka Suzy-Q).  She is not a ‘blood sister’ (she is a stuffed animal – after all) of Miz Ezmiralda, The Hairy Pig Queen of the Land of Stuffed Animals living in the Land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures (Lower left of photo); but she is the biggest stuffed animal in the Land. She is virtuous and she is shy and usually she hides from sight – probably because of her enormous girth; but no matter – she is a friend and obedient servant of the Hairy Pig Queen.  Miz Ezmiralda has told “Big Sis” (aka Suzy-Q)” …to “deal” with Jack, the Jealous, Rich Prince and his gang – because of the terrible FAKE NEWS alteration they made of a photo that was Twittered out to the world last week.  (For review of the gang and their horrible doings, etc., see last blog posting…for more,  see bottom of this posting) 

  • NEWS: …is an acronym for North, East, West, South.  The ‘word’ first appeared on the upper right corner of an early weekly publication, surrounding a picture of a compass – showing that information was gathered from all around the neighborhood.

  • FAKE NEWS: …has nothing to do with the above word: but it has everything to do with my lack of peace of mind.  When I was a child I was told lying was “bad”.   Parents, priests, society at large told me this.  I never, ever thought of lying as an overt chess piece to be used to win the game of life.  For me lying was to get out of doing something.  A clever excuse for not having done my homework, that sort of thing.  But making up stories to diminish others, to profiteer, to gain power…well, it did not occur to me – until now.  I think I missed the boat; but maybe that is a good cruise not to be on.
  • MORE ON FAKE NEWS:  So, I’ve been thinking…”What is “FAKE NEWS”, anyway?   I was not overwhelmed by it before now.  For example, I grew up  (Disclosure: I’m Caucasian)  thinking I was living in and was a product of a non-racist country.  The people who told me not to lie told me we freed the slaves…the Civil war ended that problem….and that we were a freedom loving, generously equal treating people and so on and so forth.  And I basically believed that.  My question to me, is, has FAKE NEWS been going on longer than I’ve noticed?  And I’ve only now started to notice because it is so blatantly false and sometimes absurd?  Me?  Staying on the subject:I think a lot of the world’s major religions are based on myth.  I went to the dictionary and I found that the word ‘MYTH’ has a lot in common with the definition of FAKE NEWS.  OMG.  So.  What I suspect is, if enough FAKE NEWS is believed, it becomes historical fact and the basis for which we justify our now and future behavior.  My point is, I guess, if we are going to continue to indulge in FAKE NEWS, let’s make sure the purpose of it is to make things fair and just…even if it has nothing to do with the truth.  Or, we could just try to abolish it – somehow.
  • NO GOOD NEWS:  I have become obsessed with the NEWS, in case you have not noticed.  I subscribe to several newspapers.  The NEWS is also delivered  to me in several platforms on my phone before breakfast and before I go to bed…and every now and then I scan the phone during the day…just to make sure I am not left behind.  Every time I talk to somebody – anybody – I try to eek out any news they might have, which I had not seen yet…I want some people thrown in jail for the rest of their lives.  I want to see some tax returns. I want some high political & business creatures to suffer unimaginable shame and humiliations, because of their foul deeds. Yes, am not dealing well with the current times and I have become not a nice person – what with all this FAKE NEWS going around and seeping into my very being.
  •  It is its own virus going viral.  Some people who are screaming FAKE NEWS are creating and disseminating FAKE NEWS themselves. When I wake up in the morning, there is a spark of hope that one of my darkest wishes (mentioned in the above bullet) has been granted; but no!   And the Masters of FAKE NEWS rule another day…and I am left with dashed hopes for another…but maybe… maybe if I check my phone one more time…something will have happened.  Am I the only one going through this? I wonder
  • I have read this week that most of the animals at the zoos are liking the quiet from the lack of people visiting them because of the  humans Social Distancing and ‘Lockdown Guidelines’. See?  Some things have silver linings – and I hope this is not a piece of FAKE NEWS.

I must cut short this part of the blog because the NOTEFLIX’s production piece takes up so much space.

Be nice,

Episode #65 Cont’d.:  “Big Sis” (aka Suzy-Q) being the good and virtuous creature she is “…Deals with” the gang in one fell swoop.  She has put them out of action and will send them on their way back through the worm-hole from whence they came . …Is that it?  Is our story over? Can our hero, the Bluebird of Happiness and Miz Pinkie live in peace and harmony in a Land which is in the Land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures?  (To find out, see next week’s posting).

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