NO UPDATE on Noteflix’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”. Because we are on sympathy strike with the Writers & Actors. However, in the meanwhile, we thought we’d give you profiles on some of our cast members. We start with our Headshot of Bork, the Angry Purple slug or whatever he is. He is our “Bad guy” – and one of our readership’s favorites. In fact, he is a “Bad Guy” in real life. This is in keeping with the current mode of casting roles by actors who are actually what they are acting about. i.e., a Woman can be only played by a Woman and a Male by a Male, and a White person, only by a White person and  everybody should be dressed accordingly. (That is why we never put clothes on Bork, because in real life he goes naked everywhere). Soon now, only villains will be played by villains. Such is the way things are going.


QUIZ QUESTIONS ON OLD NOTES OF LESSER CONCERN: (Correct answers are shown immediately after the question, because you probably have not thought about the question before. Also, some of the following may be a bit ‘Irreverant’ and those of you who are thin skinned and feast on lighter fare might skip this section. )

  1. If “Faith without good works is meaningless” – then what is “Good works without faith”?: ….Correct answer:  A Tax Break
  2. Why we will not effectively combat Climate Change? Correct answer: Because combatting Climate change would negatively affect quarterly profits.
  3. Are traffic jams good or bad for babies?: Answer: Bad! Traffic jams can cause premature and or non-hospital delivery of babies. Apparently over a million babies could be impacted by traffic jams and the societal cost of a premature baby averages out to $56,ooo. You do the math.
  4. A Hypothetical: A 22 year old male who runs a 40 in 4.4 and weighs 285 pounds and signs a 3 year contract for $23 million beats up a 15 year old girl at 3:00A.M. Does he get to play in the exhibition games?: There is no correct answer. But do the math, once again.
  5. Another hypothetical; If you could go back in time, would you kill baby Hitler in the Maternity Ward?: This is probably a non-question…but what if there were two babies in the room and you did not know who was which…what then? We will not judge you, lest we be judged.
  6. Have you been reading about how good slavery was for the slaves?: Well, if you can follow that line of reasoning, can you guess the good benefits the American Indians derived from dealing with the Whites who  came over and took away the Indian’s lands?  Correct answer: There was an Indian who got a TV part in ‘The Lone Ranger’..and some other real Indians actually played Indians – scouts and killers and such – in the movies. So there.


One Cappuccino  is from a Tuscan cafe. The other Cappuccino is from a California STBX. Which cup do you think costs almost three times the other?



  • “No Humans, No Problems.” -Stalin
  • “We are all sons of bitches now.” -Ken Bainbridge, in charge of The Manhattan Project, speaking to Oppenheimer after the explosion of you know what.
  • “Am I still in this world? …I was afraid of that. Well, sometimes the magic works. Sometimes it doesn’t.” -Old Lodge Skins in “Little Big Man” as portrayed by Chief Dan George ( see #6 above)
  • “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” -R.W. Emerson …and that is why we alter our format from time to time.

That’s it for this week. And a fond “Hello” to Stefano R. – wherever you are.

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