No Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Our cast is on Sympathy Strike with the Writers & Actors Strike. Here is a picture of our crew as they hold a night vigil, hoping for the best. We would like our readers to know the cast is not on strike because of anything The Notes From the Room of Wonder has, or has not done. In fact, they love us and when they work, they work for free….and in turn we teach them skills for a better life. (Come back next week for more action.).



  • There is an ‘Asset Management’ company Who ( The word Who’ is used here, since corporations are people, too) announced they have booked over a TRILLION dollars of asset management. They are also, the largest  owner of commercial real estate in the U.S. They also own thousands of Houses (they picked up ‘cheap’ during the mortgage debacle a few years ago), own a few  Banks and other things. I am reminded of the theory of Paper Clips – which posits if you created an AI machine that could make paper clips out of anything, eventually it would make everything into paper clips. If this ‘Asset Management’ company were to keep it up, soon it  will own or manage everything. If they are good at managing, that could be a good thing. No?
  • I read about the ROSETTA stone the other day.  It was chiseled around 250 BCE. After it was discovered 1799 in Egypt, there was much ado about it because it was written in several obscure, or extinct languages. People who translated it became famous in their fields. It was so important even  Businesses were named after it. I did not know, until the other day, what it said. The major decree was a tax break for the elites of Egypt. I am not making this up. So our Presidents # 43 & #45 were not on to anything new. But you know what happened to Egypt after those tax breaks.
  •  I have been reading several stories about the success of our scientific/medical/ health community in making the blind be able to see…and making the lame be  able to walk. Are ‘We’ the Second Coming? What happens after ‘The Second Coming’? (My Editor will tell me to end this paragraph by “make funny”.)  So, a Priest, a Rabbi and a Gorilla walk into a bar…and ..I can’t think of anything funnier tenth.

This is where we usually place the column from our Rodent Resident Guest Columnist MATHUZALA; but he has gone missing for the past few weeks – much to our alarm.  As many of our readers know, several years ago, MATHUZALA was the recipient of several experimentations upon his mind and body. Some say treatments like that can be beneficial to those experimented upon – and they should be grateful for whatever happened to them. Others fear the victims may not see things that way and might want to take revenge, or, at least, matters into their own hands, or claws. Either way, we do not know what MATHUZALA is thinking this week – and we can only hope for the best.


Notes from Tuscany:

Sure it is hot. The price of gas is scary high. Airfare is going through the roof – and the service is a disgrace. But last night, in our little piazza…there was a Concerto, a Vocal program…Opera singing students  and professionals sang arias from famous Operas; for free, for the pure pleasure of it …in front of our little church.*  For an hour and a half, there were no worries – and the world was aright, once again.


A quote:

  • I don’t follow the latest fashions. I never sing a song that’s badly written.” -Tony Bennett

That’s it for this week …and a fond “Hello” and ‘Thank You’ to Mark, il Baritone

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