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Watch this tree in the following article.
  • DEADWALKERS:  These are people who are engaged with their iPhones while walking in public places. (That is just about everybody in this country.  And then I’ve read cellphones are bad for you because of high frequency radiation – and we should not keep them close to us.  But how do you talk into them if they are not close?  Ask the dead walkers, they know.)
  • STEM:  Everybody knows STEM (Science, Technology, engineering & Mathematics.  And our world is going ‘all in’ on these subjects of study.  Me? I hated, and still do, all these subjects.  I think we should concentrate more on PHEC (Philosophy, History, English & Civics.  Then maybe people will be nicer to each other.)
  • SPORKS:  (spoon/fork utensils) are on their way out.  Apparently the dining public has not caught on to the wonder of these things.  (Too bad, for I have come up with the ideas of Snives & Knoons….and I have boxes of them to unload.)
  • ABJECT WEALTH:  I came up with this term myself.  I’ve noticed the word ‘abject’ is really only used in front of ‘poverty’.  So, how is this used? i.e., I think my new coupling of this adjective could go viral – and I could then take on FB ads by the number and live in abject wealth. (Versus where I am now)

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