Spring has sprung.
  • Here is the Bad News: I’ve read the earth is wobbling on its axis. (OMG! Now I have to worry about that.  And did we cause this, too?)
  • Here is sort of Good News.  The Ozone Hole has been healing for a couple of years; but I cannot use those spray cans yet, because the Ozone Hole is growing again.
  • News: 1/3 of mankind cannot see the Milky Way because of  ‘Light’ pollution in the sky.  4 out of 5 of us live under  a ‘Light’ polluted sky.  (Look up tonight.  See what you can see.)
  • News:  Wild coffee species are under threat.  60% are about to become extinct.  This is due to weather changes (if you believe in that sort of thing and de-forestation.  It is thought that soon all coffee will be commercially grown.  Starbucks is in position.)
  • Good News:  Canada is getting warmer at twice the rate of the rest of the world.  (It has been too cold there, anyway.)
  • I have read there is a worldwide shrinking labor force.  What with 7 billion of us, How can that be?  I wonder. You can tell me more of us are getting older – but I still marvel at this, what with all our new labor-saving devices.  Is the answer for us to go out and multiply even more?  I hope not.                                                                   

I have been told to “Avoid disagreeable realities” and I suggest you do the same.


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