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  • The PAST:  “The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.” (- L.P. Hartley)  I’ve noticed the PAST keeps shifting, as well.  Me?  I frequently see the PAST as being more beautiful than the PRESENT.  I have to work on that; but I think the PRESENT should work a little harder, too.  As for the FUTURE, I have found we cannot go there; but we can seed it.  I have been following current events with fascination, alarm and joy for many decades now – and am always surprised with the next day’s news.
  • Considering the Greeks, back in the Hellenistic day:  I wonder if when they put on their white Togas and walked to the public forum, they thought, “This is the beginning of things.  We are onto something great!”  I wonder what we think as we put on our whatevers and click in to whichever forum we click in to, do we think:
    1. “Is this the beginning of things?”
    2. “Is this the end of things?”
    3. “My iPhone is not working fast enough.  I think I’ll go get a new one.  More storage.  More better photos. More…?
  • I read where they have come up with a theory that the Neanderthals died out because they would not cooperate with each other to fend off Homo Sapiens when they came a-calling. (Do you hear the hoofbeats of the past coming up behind you?)
  • I also read where they say Man has fought Man more than anything else. (See? The past is not as good as it was.)

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