There is no Update on Noteflix’s production of “Troubles in the Garden” because we are shut down, due to our sympathy for the Writer’s Strike. However, we will keep you up on various members of our cast. This week we tell you about Mordimur. Mordimur  is the stupidest member of our crew. He knows next to nothing and does not even know that. Often, he thinks he should be the leader of the Lansd of Stuffed Animals….probably because of the many perks given to such a position. Some people think Mordimur is cute; but be not fooled – he is a danger to the community when not kept under a heavy thumb.

(This is a 1 and 3/4  minute read, if your lips do not move when you read and if you do not need to move your finger under the words as you go along.)

BELOW, WE MENTION:  1) Things of yesteryear that I did not understand at the time.  And, 2) New things I do not understand today:

  1. …Of  Yesteryear:
  • I never really understood Electricity.  I know, I know electrons and protons and stuff; but I never really bought it; though I knew how to turn it on when I needed it.  Also, you can add the phone to this.  I never figured out how the voice travelled along those wires.  How about you?  Did you understand the answers they gave you?
  • Why the sky is blue?  You can tell me the answer to this one until the cows come home; but I still don’t get it.
  • The Steam engine and how the piston regulates the train going uphill at the same speed as on the flats.
  • How Starbuck’s came into Manhattan in the late 80’s and thrived when they charged more for their coffee by three times and it was not as good as the coffee in the Greek diners, which always offered you free re-fills.
  • How we were going to get rid of Nuclear waste.  Strangely, I did understand Einstein’s Theory of Relativity…even though he miscalculated the speed of light.

2)  Some New Things:

  • Crypto currencies …and Crypto anythings.  Not only do I not understand Crypto, I cannot find anybody who can explain them to me.  Some say “Crypto’ should be regulated.”  “By Who”, (Whom?) I say.  Not our gerontocratic CongressPeople, some of who (Whom?) do not yet understand the “Internets” ( i.e., Sen. Grassley who said he understands the “Internets…with its tubes and things”.)
  • Blockchains  (ibid)
  • The price tag for  sunken Titanic tours.
  • The fascination for video “Games”.
    • These “clicker/stick” things you need to use to turn on your tv and then try to find what show you want to watch and how to find which provider the show is on and which “clicker/stick” and which button you need to hit so you can pause the show you think you are watching and then how on earth to find “Resume play”.  OMG I’m beginning to sound like Grassley!
  • Reddit, TikTok, AI, Chatbot, Threads, and how a particular former President is not yet in jail.
  • If you purchased two Tickets to the 8/7/2023 Taylor Swift concert in section E, row 15, it would cost you $6,840, per (each ticket).  But you probably did not snap them up in time.
  • Global Warming Deniers.  I hear the Acceptors of Global Warming are changing the name of the theory to “Global Boiling”…I can understand that.  (That is not a joke)

We have barely scratched the surface of Numbers 1 through 2.

MATHUZALA (our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist), as our regular readers know, has gone missing the past few weeks.  What we do know, however, is his spirit lives on within the pages of the book shown below.  If you have not already purchased several copies of the (non) Best Seller “THE RAT PAPERS”  – do so, before it is turned into a cheap, streaming thriller. (Amazon, or Barnes & Noble)


A few quotes:

  • “And I say, hey-ey-ey/ hey-ey-ey/I said “Hey, a what’s going on?’/And I say, hey-ey-ey/ hey ey-ey/I said “Hey, a what’s going on?’  -4 Non Blonds , “What’s Up?”   1992
  • “I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”  – Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of The Federal Reserve 1987 – 2006
  • “The Future will be better Tomorrow.”  – George W. Bush

That’s it for this week…and a fond “Hello” to Christopher, wherever you are.

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