Episode #64 from NOTEFLIX’s  “Troubles in the Garden”: You would think from the picture seen above, that we are showing a happy ending to our story; with our  hero, Bluebird of Happiness and his true love, Mamzelle Pinkie – together at last. But ‘au contraire’, even though Miz  Ezmiralda, the  Hairy Pig Queen of the Stuffed Animals living in the Land of Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures  is standing guard…and Goofo, the mysterious, lighted owl is shining her blessing on our loving couple …Trouble is afoot…as you will see in the photo found at the bottom of this post.


  • A man got on an American Airlines flight last week and refused to wear a mask.  He was asked to de-plane – and he made a stink about it.  This man has 396,000 followers on Twitter.  Me?  I wear a mask when told and write a weekly blog and try to lighten the mood of my readership.  The man who got kicked off the airplane has more than 395,500 Twitterer followers than I do.   I think I will have to re-imagine myself if I’m going to succeed in this best of all possible worlds.  I understand not liking to wear a mask, unless you are playing Lone Ranger, or robbing a bank – of course – but I do not identify with those who claim not wearing a mask is a  personal freedom type of a ‘Right’.   A ‘Right’ to maybe get someone else sick?  Anyway, it takes me back to the days when the nation was gripped in the argument of whether we had to fasten Safety-Belts.  Some people screamed it was an invasion of their personal freedom.  Those days are over – thank God, but not quite, because of this mask thing.
  • In last week’s posting, I carped about all the movies and TV shows I have been watching.   I don’t think I mentioned that on several of my favorite TV series I dislike all the characters, dislike what they are up to – and still can’t get enough of it.  I also did not share that when I eventually go to bed I feel slightly soiled for having watched whatever it was I had been watching  Now, I realize the same is true with my  rabidly following the never ending News.  I am one of those who trust the News – don’t get me wrong; but I find I dislike all the characters they talk about. I hate what they are up to.  I feel soiled for paying as much attention to them all, all the time…and yet I cannot wait to wake-up in the morning and see the next episode.  Is it only me?
  • LUNAR THEORY:  I came up with an idea.  (Probably the result of watching too much Business News), which explains today’s Stock Market behavior.  You might have noticed the Market the past few years has been going up – no matter what the economic, political or social news has to offer.  …And how confusing are the daily market re-caps which give you all sorts of reasons for what happened in the trading sessions.  Here’s my thought:  The top 1% is buying up – and holding – all the stock on the S&P 500.  They want the 500 for themselves – almost taking them private, if you will.  They will control and receive the Dividends, the Profits, the Tax advantages, and be the Nation’s Paymasters.  Also, through their ownership and generous campaign contributions, they will have the power to pass legislation which will protect their businesses – especially from the competitive innovations of the future.  This is good news for the market in the short term, because they are constant  ‘buyers’….which drives the stock prices up; no matter what else is going on in the world. I call this my “LUNAR THEORY”, because it is like howling at the moon. Remember, a theory is a theory until it is proven wrong.  Prove me wrong, please.
  • HELICOPTER MONEY:    …is when they print money and toss it out to citizens. The concept/term was coined by M. Freidman in 1969 – as a joke.  I have come up with a new term:  AIR-FORCE ONE MONEY:  …is when they deposit multi-million dollar amounts of money into large businesses and campaign contributors’ coffers.  This money does not even have to be printed; it is simply credited, at jet speed, into the appropriate bank accounts.  You do not even have to have filed a tax return to have this money deposited into your account – like you had to, to have received your last Helicopter Money jolt of $1200 the other month, if you got it at all. You are not going to get $600  dollars in HELICOPTER MONEY in the near future; because there are some in Congress who believe the $600 would de-incentivize you from going back to work.  Better you apply for AIR-FORCE ONE MONEY, if you are rich enough, of course.
  • THE PLAGUE:  I read most of Europe’s intellectuals were killed by THE PLAGUE in the 1300’s.  That explains a lot.  Only the uneducated survived – and some of their descendants came to the U.S. and made of it what they could.  History will tell if the people in our country, who refuse to wear masks, are as smart as the intellectuals of yore.
  • COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: …is when a person holds two or more contradictory beliefs at the same time.  (I have seen a lot of this going around lately  …some of characters I follow on the news are afflicted by it.  The ones I love to hate) Apparently, according to learned psychiatrists, if one experiences too much COGNITIVE DISSONANCES, one ends up, mentally drained and chooses to believe what one wants to believe and throws all other belief options away (regardless of facts).

I have exhausted my word allotment, before I even got started.

But first a few bromides:

  • “There is no truth outside of Mathematics.” -Wittgenstein,  Mathematician/Thinker (Whose theory has been proved by the existence of Fox News) 
  • “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” -I. Kant (I choose to believe this)
  • “No man is lonely while eating spaghetti.” -Christopher Morley  (This, also, is something I choose to believe.)

Be nice,

Episode #64 of ‘Troubles…” cont’d.: The original photo (seen at the top of this posting) has been doctored! What you are looking at now is a disgusting Fake News, release…. an alteration of a perfectly romantic scene…turned into a horrible, slanderous lie…Our Hero, the Bluebird of Happiness has been  removed from the scene and replaced by Jack, the rich Prince and now evilly, jealous villain of our story.  Jack  has also removed our chaperone, the Hairy Pig Queen and inserted  Mortimer,  the dull witted sycophant and body guard. This scene never really happened; but it was released on FIX’d News and distributed on: F/B, Twitter, Instagram and other  unregulated platforms. Damage has been done. But, perhaps a mistake was made – the bad guys did not notice Goofo has remained on the scene. (upper left) Yes. She  had turned off her light – and our villains mistook her for a lifeless piece of plastic in the background. Will she give witness to what really never happened; to the truth? Will anybody care?  Will the Bluebird of Happiness suspect Mamzelle Pinkie reconnoitered with Jack the Bad Prince? What is to be believed? (Come back next week for future developments.)

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