Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of ‘Troubles in the Garden”:  What’s this?  Members of our cast – on break – are looking into the “Pit of Hope”…hoping to see what is coming up in the New Year.  What do you see?  What do you smell?  Something good could come out of the Pit…all depends upon what is put in.  We’d better get our cast back to work.


  • BAD NEWS:  I read where NETFLIX is going to ask its audiences how various shows should end their seasons – plot wise.  The horror.  I love Democracy and all, love it; but I do not think the unruly mob should be voting on how the story ends. Maybe I don’t love Democracy that much, after all.  Would the madding crowd have let Juliet die?  How about Desdemona?  What if they voted for Rick, the sleazy bar owner in Casa Blanca…what if they voted for him to walk off into the sunset with Ingrid Bergman? The fools.  NETFLIX should just go find good scriptwriters.  (I am available, but for a price.)
  • STUDIES SHOW:  * Refusing to apologize gives one a feeling of empowerment. I am sorry if you do not like this message.  Power Posing actually increases testosterone levels and helps promote you as often as not.  Men drive ‘Lost’ longer than women do.  Is this because men do not know they are ‘lost’ as soon as the women figure out they are on the wrong road?  Maybe there should be a study on why men do not want to admit when they are lost. I’m available to do that. Or, why are women driving around lost in the first place?  *4 out of 10 babies in the u.S. are born out of ‘Wedlock’.  What means ‘Wedlock’?  It sounds like a Wrestling term.   Based on the reproductive activities of our political candidates, I’d say this figure is low.  …if our Politicians are representative of us.
  • OLD NEWS & NEW NEWS:  In May of 2014 the front page of The New York Times had an article that states the earth’s population would hit 8 billion in 30 years.  And they had another article that stated Derek Jeter’s batting average was veering to an all-time low.  Both pieces of news we could do nothing about. Today’s Times had a front page article on ‘Hate Speech’s unprecedented rise on Twitter’ and then another on ‘What happens when you place mentally ill people in hospitals against their will’.   Come back Derek Jeter, come back to us now.

A few words from MATHUZALA, our Resident Rodent guest Columnist:


I am sure you have been reading in the papers about how we rats have been thriving in the sewers, basements and streets of Manhattan.  It is true.  Life has been especially good for us lately…what with your restaurants throwing away good food – and all the generous human trash tossed on to the streets.  The NYC mayor has announced he is appointing a ‘Rat Czarina’ to deal with the situation and we are expecting to sit with her – at the table –  to see how we can bridge the divide and live more peacefully together.  After all, there is enough food for everybody!


Which side of the table do you want to be on?  The side with the ‘RAT CZARINA’? or the side with MATHUZALA, perhaps the most intelligent mammal science has ever produced?  See the cover above?  Is this ‘Czarina’ ready for ‘Them’?  Buy the (non) BEST SELLER “THE RAT PAPERS” (Amazon or  Barnes & Noble) and learn what is coming down.


  • The tourists are gone.  So has the Summer’s sun.  The days are getting shorter.  But the Espresso is still good and so are the ‘Pasta Dolce’… Christmas trees are for sale in the piazza.  We’ll make it through…



A quote:

  • “I don’t want to know what the law is. I want to know who the judge is.”  -Roy Cohn, former legal advisor & mentor to former President Trump.  Roy also advised the then NYC Real Estate figure to “Never apologize; but always attack.”…Eventually disbarred for unethical conduct after attempting to defraud a dying client by forcing the client to sign a will amendment leaving him his fortune.  But an un-apologizer he was to his dying day.


That’s it from here this week…and a fond “Hello” to Susan & Tom….wherever you are.

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