Producer’s notes on filming the Noir, Thriller, RomCom, Binge-Look “Troubles In The Garden”. Act 1, Scene 1: Burd, the Stunt-double for  our hero, the Multicolored Blue Bird of Happiness enters the forest of Generally Safe Modified Mushrooms (See our most recent posting for more on this subject) to see if there is any poisonous pesticides’ dust on them.  …and WAIT A MINUTE! What is that dog’s face doing in the back left there? Can ‘Editing’ photo-shop it out?  Otherwise, it is a perfect take.




I write from the solitude of my ‘Room of Wonder” – which is enjoyable – but every rare once in a while I would like to have some back & forth on a topic or two.  Not feedback, I’m not looking for feedback, thank you; but I would upon occasion like to know what the reader’s position is on various topics.  I have not yet mastered the ‘blog’ craft to run my own polls, or survey broad swaths of opinion – but here are a few questions roaming about in my mind:

  • Do you think the airplane has brought more happiness or sadness to mankind?  Explain your answer.
  • Is Global warming a subject for Democracy?  Can we vote on whether it exists or not? (Global Warming that is, of course Democracy exists.)  Is it proper to vote on whether man is the cause of Global Warming?  (If it exists, that is.)
  • Re:  Freedom of Religion:  Should those who believe in the coming of the Apocalypse, and the ‘Rapture’  – and want it to arrive in their lifetime – should those people be allowed to vote?  Explain your answer.
  • Who do you distrust the most?:  a) Big Government?  b) Big Business?  c) Big Government Business?  c) Your fellow citizen?  d) All of the above
  • If you answered “d)” on the above:  How do you cope?  1) I try not to think about these things.  2) I am learning to ‘Sit’ and do Zen-Yoga. 3) I binge-watch a lot of  TV shows, every night, if possible,  3) I take as much prescription medication as the law allows, and change doctors, if necessary.

End of interrogatory.

I have been told our reader tends to enjoy  our segments on ‘Trending Words and Phrases’ even more than some of our other offerings.  Bowing to this un-asked for feedback, I submit a few words for the readers consideration:


  • DOCTRINAL SECURITY:  A concept in the ‘Church’ which relates to stubbornly trying to recreate a past that which no longer exists…or  which never existed.  Which leads me to:
  • WHEN AMERICA WAS GREAT:  This has been a much mentioned period of time in our history, in our national discourse of late. And I have found the answer:  Since our nation’s inception there were always pockets of America that were great.  All that was (and is) necessary is that you were in the pocket.
  • PRESIDENTIAL LUMBER:  (not TIMBER). I, this minute, out of a spasm of imagination came-up with this coupling.
  • BARREL LIE BOMB:  What ‘Fake News’ really is.  Twain said a lie travels half way ’round the world by the time the truth ties its shoes.  Well,  ‘Fake News’  destroys the whole neighborhood when it gets there.  It should be illegal; but it’s not.  It has something to do with ‘Free Speech’.
  • WISDOM OF THE CROWD:  Aristotle gets credit for coming up with the idea that the ‘crowd’ knows better than the individual.  In 1906,  Francis Galton came up with numerical proof when he observed the individuals at a fair, in guessing the weight of an ox – that the average of the guesses was exactly correct.  Which brings us to…
  • THE THEORY OF SWARMS:   If you have a jar full of beans and you put out a guessing contest to passersby as to how many beans are in that jar – it turns out that the adding up the count and dividing by the number of guessers – well, the resultant ‘average‘ will be the  most correct.  Fascinating.  No?  This tells me we, as a crowd,  are instinctively good at the number of things – we just have to work on the understanding of things a bit more. Like: “Why did that ox weigh a ton and a half?  Who fed it?  Who did not get fed so the ox could weigh a ton and a half?  Who put the beans in the jar?  Did she have to do it?  Who gets to eat them when the fair is over?  Unfortunately, there is no THEORY OF UNDERSTANDING THINGS.


Until next time…


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