“THE SUN IS SHINING. OH, HAPPY DAYS!” -Words to a song

Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”:  As you know, certain members of our cast are vacationing in Florida.  Here, you can see our hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness showing off his Boogie board skill to his true love Mamzelle Pinkie.  But wait?  Is that an octopuss (sic) on the upper left of photo?  What does this portend?


Wonderings From A Wandering Mind:

  • It is said the earth’s inner core rotation is shifting, the known result of which is the length of our day could be reduced by a fraction of a millisecond – by the end of this year. Some scietntists are trying to tell us there will be little other consequences.  “Au Contraire!”  I say  to these scientific cabalists.  Recently, I have noticed such strange behaviors in our Congress, that the only explanation can be a radical change in the earth’s core rotation.  We cannot afford a reduction of a fraction of a millisecond – when we are already running out of time.
  •  I have re-examined my thoughts on nerds, those people who are constantly looking into their screens to see how to make it through life. I used to think the internet and its trappings gave these nerds a plateau in society which they never had before. They have become the highly paid stalwarts of our booming technical economy.  But then it occurred to me Ben Franklin was probably our Nerd Founding Father – standing in the rain with his Kite & Key and fumbling about in the dark with his printing press, and writing odd pieces as if they came form someone named “Poor Richard”, setting up postal routes in the Colonies, inventing stoves.  Ben always had his nose in the screen, as it were.  He became a very rich man, indeed.  What I am saying is I think it is better, and probably always has been better, to be a nerd than not.
  • I read today that 7 States depend, to some degree, on water from the Colorado river…and they cannot agree on who gets how much and when.  And time and water are running out.  And some say the Federal government should make the decisions.  And some say the Feds should keep their hands off the States’ waters.  And here is a movie idea:  A governor of one of those States sends his State Guard units down to the river to protect his water needs…and then an adjoining border State’s Governor send his troops to the same border…and then…Tom Cruise could play one of the parts.  We are talking BOFFO.
  • I also read some newly installed Congressman was sued by a ‘businessman’ over  a $65o,ooo embezzlement scam…and then, after a few days, I could not find anymore articles on this savory tale.  Here is what I, in my suspicious mind, think could have happened:  In a dark room somewhere, some Republican thinker asked how much it would take for the lawsuit to go away…and maybe a $2,000,000, or the like, figure came up and the money was raised and paid and the Congressman lives another day and the Republican majority holds its own.  And the ‘Businessman’ got a good deal, after all.  Don’t tell me the change in the Earth’s core rotation isn’t affecting things.


It is at this point we usually present a few words from MATHUZALA, our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist.  As you know, last week he went up into the Cloud to do research on his project to improve the ‘Civilized’ world.  Life, as we know it, has not improved much in his absence.  There have been signals from some of his followers he might be planning a campaign to run for Congress – since it seems anybody can do it these days, even rats, we guess.

If you want to see if you are the kind of person who would vote for a smart, intelligent rat, please go to Amazeon or Barnes & Noble and buy, and read, the (non) Best-Seller “THE RAT PAPERS” – while supplies last!


Notes not from Tuscany….

We are writing this piece from Florida, where we are waiting – and hoping – to receive a ‘Residence’ visa (from the Italian Consulate in Miami) which will permit us to live in Italy over an extended period of time.  *It is warmer here than in Tuscany.  *There are more cars here than in Tuscany – driving every which a way all over the place.  All the fast food places are hiring (see photo above), or are trying to hire. The stores here are huge and mind boggling with all the choices of goods on the racks…and the ‘Sales’  on soft drinks should make you happy – if you like soft drinks.  The deals on bags of candy cannot be denied.  However, by the time you are finished with the automatic check-out counter, the over all price tag is alarming – even though everything was so cheap.  …More next week.


A Quote:

  • “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink, …”   – S. Coleridge, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

That’s it from here for this week…and a fond “Hello” to Annie & Dave…wherever you are.


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