More from NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles In The Garden”: Does Mamzelle Pinkie choose  the rich, handsome, aging Prince of the Land of Uncertain Knowledge? Does she settle for: Security? Safe, comfy sleeps? Untold wealth? A Kingdom? Or….(See below)


Does she take a chance on our hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness? A wandering warrior trying to find his way home. Some would say he is a flighty sort, who knows not what is what. What should Mamzelle Pinkie do in this unsettled world of fast moving, unpredictable times? Will traveling with our hero keep her up at night?  Or will she be practical? Responsible?…And go with the Prince?  Should she follow her heart – and our hero? Which way should she go? You decide. We will study the opinions of our many readers and write the script accordingly.


  • I think things have gotten worse over the years. Everything is moving too fast.  I first noticed things were going wrong a long time ago, actually. I remember when I was a child, sitting on a wall with a friend and watching the cars go by. There goes an “Oldsmobile 88″…A Cadillac Eldorado”…I would say – and my friend told me (excitedly) ‘They’ were coming out with new ones in a few months…and I worried that I would have to learn about the new cars and their new names…and then there were the baseball teams…I had the whole team down in my mind when I was 5 or 6 and then ‘They’ traded players in the winter and I had to learn who was on first all over again …and who played for who and I knew in my heart right then that things were going to get a lot worse. And I was exactly right on that score. No sooner do I get how to work my credit card than ‘They’ change the whole procedure.  Slide it stick it, touch it, sign the screen – that’s when I grope for my cash…and try to pay with  real money and the person behind the counter looks at you like you are an inconvenience. And the phones! Forget about it. I have facial recognition (of all things) on my phone and many mornings my phone does not even recognize me. Not that I blame it – I have the same problem now and then. Have you bought a new TV lately? How do you turn the thing on? Whoa! I say. Slow it down.
  • As you may have noticed from my past posts, I have been reading a good deal about sleep lately. Here is an update: If we do not get enough sleep we get hungry. And you know where that leads. I also read we need to drink half as much water, every day, in ounces as we weigh in pounds. (I’ll do the math for you: If you weigh 150 pounds, you need to drink 75 ounces of water every day.) So, I get to thinking about 7 billion people, give or take a billion, weighing maybe 140 pounds and I calculate it is a huge sum of water – that we need to drink everyday, just not to go crazy from not downing enough water. And I get to thinking about that question that Reporters/Interviwers ask people: “What keeps you up at night?” And respond to myself that I think I’m going to have trouble about this water thing. Am I alone in this? I’d ask Siri what she thinks; but she does not recognize me right now. Along with the not drinking enough water thing, I must admit I had trouble getting to sleep last night after I heard there is an interstellar comet heading our way at 93,000 miles per hour and could get here in a couple of centuries. Why did we not know this before?)
  • Here’s one you’ll hate (if you are like me). I read where ‘They’ can make movies with dead actors. ‘They’ use a software program which can generate the images and the sounds of the likes of Marlon Brando, James Dean, Greta Garbo…on and on. You do not need any real actors anymore. Whoa! It is going too fast in a direction with which I am not familiar, and I do not have time to wrap my head around it. I think there is something inherently wrong in this. I mean you cannot have a white man play a black man on screen, anymore. Nor a man play a woman. Nor an Englishman play an Indian. Nor a straight play a gay. So, how can you have a dead man play a live man? Of course, if you haven’t seen Brando in “Streetcar” you have never lived. So maybe there is something there. I know the movies are not real, but now they are getting even less real than they were before. Tell me: What is next?
  • We have heard over the years that “What is Past is Prologue”. And if that is true, then we should know what is going to happen today or tomorrow. But what is happening today – and what is coming today – was not expected – at least not by me…and if the Past /Prologue statement is true it is because there is so much in the past – and yet there is so much we do not know about…that we just do not know what part of the past we can draw on to accurately know what is going to occur today. This keeps me up at night. This and dead men in my Rom/Coms. I find drinking a tall glass of water to be of little relief.

I see I am about to exceed my word limit. I will leave you with these tidbits:

“The Future ain’t what it used to be” -Yogi Berra. (“The Present isn’t what it used to be, either” -cem  (Yogi also opined:” It is hard to make predictions, especially about the future.”)

“I’m a real deal old fashioned guy …in an analogue world” – Guy Clark, song.

Take care, out there,


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