(Attention New Readers! Regarding the photos below and their related story-line: You have arrived long after our story begins, but no matter. What is past is not prologue. Sufficient to say, we tell a tale of Love and Sorrow, full of Sound and Fury – and in the end it signifies everything. Think of it like a river – and just jump into it and go with the flow. -Director)

Update from NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”. We are still in the Land of Uncertain Knowledge. The Prince, who is super rich and handsome, you will agree, may be the winner of Mamzelle Pinkie’s wing. We do not yet know. If this were to happen, our hero The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness wold be crest-fallen. (See picture above). What Mamzelle Pinkie does not yet know is the Prince has dunked from the fountain of youth and is actually 110 years old. More will be revealed. 

OR, see below

“Troubles in the Garden” continued: Mamzelle Pinkie could choose to nest with our hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness…and dash the hopes of the aging prince.  (See above) We do not know which way this will play out – for the script has not yet been written. As the Immortal Bard has said;”The readiness is all.”


  • CLASS SOLIDARITY: This is something that has been either cropping up lately, or we have just been noticing it. It refers to our inclination to associate with people  – no matter their opinions, actions, backgrounds, prejudices , or what have you – as long as they are members of our same social/economic strata. You can get a ‘free pass’ of sorts, from others – if the others have the same economic privileges and ‘social attainments’ as you. For example, if you are super rich, let’s say, and you are an extreme ‘right winger’ let’s say, you will probably be socially accepted by a super rich left winger….maybe even more than the super rich left winger would associate with a poor left winger. I’m sure this can be said in simpler terms – but you get the drift.
  • C-SUITE: Business term referring to Executive team members…COO (Chief operating Officer) CFO (Chief Financial Officer) CEO etc., etc. C-SUITE members, generally have a lot of CLASS SOLIDARITY no matter how well or badly they have behaved.
  • GLASSOLALIA:  Incomprehensible speech – tongues, gibberish, often  (in the past) spoken in religious rapture trance conditions -or in extreme states of psychosis. I’ve noticed a lot of modern day GLASSOLALIA coming out of one of our political parties lately – you can hear it on the outer channels.
  • TRANSHUMANISM: This is a philosophy dealing with humans transcending beyond physical limitations…through technological and philosophical evolution. Apparently, through the joys of science, we can keep bodies ‘alive’ for long, long periods of time. Life spans in ‘developed’ countries  are constantly increasing. We can push off death by cancer, heart attacks, etc., etc.  We can get new organs to keep us going. To what end is this longevity? What about the mind in all this? The spirit? Are a lot of us going to be over a hundred and ten and filled with other people’s parts, and being fed intravenously, and not knowing who we loved or hated yesterday; but with ‘vitals’ in an acceptable range? Is that where we are headed? It is possible I am going to die someday – and I want to keep this act as long as I can; but… I read Woody Allen said he was not scared of death  – he just did not want to be there when it happened. I’m not sure I agree with him on this anymore.


  • I have read that if man can imagine it; he can make it happen.  You see evidence of this in things like the moon landing, robots to Mars, the atom bomb – things like that. I wonder why if we can imagine angles, why we cannot make them. They would be our greatest work.
  • My phone told me my screen time was down last week. But the week before it was up 53%. I hate all this. There are people out there who expect a response to a text or email…who expect it to come back to them within minutes – if not faster.  People are responding to people while driving, while standing in line in front of me at the counter, while eating in restaurants, while doing everything. We need a Digital Temperance, 12 Step program before we all go nuts with this, or maybe it is too late. Do you agree with me on this? Do not answer, it was a rhetorical question.
  • Another question I do not want the reader to really come back to me on is: Where do you come down on Earthquakes versus the right to Frack? These are subjects I wonder about while waiting for the dentist to tell me to come into his room of doom…while the 110 year old woman across the room is  thumb texting a message to god knows who. I wonder if her screen time is up, or if she will max out, or if any of the teeth in her mouth were originally hers, or if she is a fracker. If you are constantly into your phone, you don’t get the fun to wonder about things like this.
  • I read the average sneeze sends germ droplets about 6 feet from the sneezer’s mouth – at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. Finally, you say, I came up with something the reader can use.


To quote the Bard:

“If it be now, ’tis not to come,: if it be not to come, it will be now, if it be not now, yet it will come: The readiness is all. (Is this Glossolalia? How did this guy get work? I had trouble with Shakespeare in school – and I think much of it will give me trouble – even if I live to be 110.)

I hope you did not wonder why you have read this far. Best, Chris

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