Update on NOTEFLIX’s “Troubles in the Garden”. See Mortimer, who may seem dull-witted; but despite that,  is very rich…See him sleeping like a baby – without a thought, without a care in the world. (Read 6th bullet below for more on this.) See Bork,  the Angry  purple Slug, (in upper left corner) who  has a thought or two about what to do with Mortimer’s money. Maybe he’ll take it and move out to somewhere for a change of pace. (See  Bullet #7 for more thoughts on this subject.)


  • I read where it is said we have – on average – 6200 thoughts a day.  At a penny a thought that comes to $62 – day in day out. Not bad if you could collect. Me? By the end of today, if I’m lucky, I think I’ll have had about ten thoughts. Does that mean tomorrow, I’ll have to have 12,390 thoughts to make up for today?  What possible good can come from this study?  Does this mean we think too much? What has all our thinking led us to?.  …Oops, there goes another thought.
  • Apparently 44% of college students, in their freshman year, have some sort of ‘crisis’ when they grasp that the earth is billions of years old.  On top of that, most freshman students do not know being late on paying off student debt can be detrimental to their credit score.  No wonder these people need to go to school. …Oops, there goes another thought.
  • I saw an article which posited we spend as much on our Defense as we take in, in tax revenues.  School lunches, Vaccines, infrastructure and such are items we have to pay for from who knows where. With all our thinking, we should think about that for a bit.
  • My reading of history tells me when we began, we had to learn how to kill animals: 1) so they would not kill us and  2) so we had something to eat.  All this killing of animals was for our survival. Fortunately, we do not need to do kill animals anymore in order to survive.  Progress has arrived before we have a taste for it. (I think)
  • I also read, in the History books, we used to think wars started after the discovery of Agriculture; but now we have dug up bones and found that Hunter/Gatherers conducted war forays thousands of years before the first Agrarians.  I’m glad we’ve cleared this up; but I’m not happy about it.
  • A Study shows Rich people sleep better than the others.  I’ll bet the person who got paid for this study slept like a baby.  Other studies show the rich live longer than the poor.  And the rich in Salt Lake, Washington State, and Fulton, Georgia (this cannot be…) live longest of all – 87.6 years. …and the poor in Queens live the longest of the poor – 82.2 years.  I’ve done my own personal numbers crunching  – not living in any of the above  areas and not being rich, nor poor and what I have come up with is I’ll live to be 84.6…unless there are more Stimulus payments coming – then I can go on for a few more months.
  • Here are a few things I’ve noticed of late, my own studies if you will: I’m reading people are moving out of the big expensive cites.  People are going to the suburbs and beyond.  But then I’ve read that people, seeing there are empty and suddenly less expensive places in the expensive cities are moving back to those cities. People are moving every which a-way and are still trying to come over the borders and no one knows who is going where, or where they will end up…and on top of all that, there are people trying to figure out how to escape the bad climate coming in – and they are an unpredictable group. The Moving Companies must be doing a big business. …I see people talking to people on their cell-phones; but not talking to the people they are with.  I get messages from FB telling me there are people I might know and I look at their pictures and their names and  I don’t have a clue as to who they are.  Should I be in a state of FOMO?  …I hear there is vast unemployment. and grown men are living in their parents’ homes in record numbers and robots are taking jobs away, forever.  But then I read that an economic boom/recovery is showing signs of being right around the corner.  …I do not know what to think about any of this; but I can’t stop thinking about it.
  • GITMO uses Wind Energy for its power. So, there  is something good about GITMO, too.
  • Riots are taking place in China over bad health care.  Riots?  Why can’t the Chinese suck it up and call their Health Care “The Best” – the way we do?  It’s  just a thought.
  • Finally, Romantic Comedies are bad for you – a study shows. Apparently, what these pernicious shows do is give you a “…false sense of hope from a ridiculous situation.”  So, it’s back to the “Warmonger”s and “Skinned Alive”s where you get no false hopes of any kind and are not coddled like some kind of a college freshman.

And now a word from Mathuzala, our guest columnist:


  • Your voters are so angry because they are paying taxes “They” will not vote for an increase to pay for clean, unleaded water  and soon “They” will not be able to drink the water. All “They” want to do  is to ‘Throw the bums out”.  And then there are your  schools…nobody wants to pay for the schools…soon nobody will know anything…Your systems do not work…We will show you how to run things…”

Mathuzala, seems a bit off his stride today.  Perhaps he has been thinking too much.  If you want to know more about Mathuzala and his growing movement, please buy the book “THE RAT PAPERS” on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  We have read if you want to increase Empathy, you should read Chekov, if you want to Change the World – you should read “THE RAT PAPERS”.

A few quotes:

  • “Most people would rather die than think. In fact they do so.” -Bertrand Russell, British Philosopher
  • “Take therefor no thought for the morrow; for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.”  -Mathew ch. 6,  v. 34,
  • “Nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – Hamlet to Rosencrantz. Act 2, Scene 2,  Shakespeare, playwright


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