A Friend Of My Friend Is My Enemy…

Update from NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: FLASHBACK!  We go back a few days, before our hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness, first spied Mamzelle Pinkie – and had his heart stolen…back before that. The Prince of the Land of Uncertain Knowledge (Upper Left) had claimed the fair wing of Mamzelle Pinkie for himself. Now, the Prince is a good bird – and so is our hero…Things get complicated. He who sleeps at the wheel, will lose out. (To be continued.)


  • I read studies are concluding that we never catch up on missed sleep. Never. This explains a lot regarding what is going on in the world. People are losing sleep everywhere and they are irritated and lumbering about. This causes car accidents and heart attacks, and stress on hormones, and inflammations and worse. How come this is not Front Page news? Changing the time for Day Light Savings causes millions of hours of lost sleep – every year – and we never catch up!  I lost sleep in college, in the military and when the markets turned against me. I must be behind by a thousand hours or so. No wonder I’m cranky. Lucky to be alive. Until I read about this all I had to worry about was the climate and wealth inequality and invasions from criminals and premature death – and now this. When this post is finished, I am going to take a nap – even though I am told it won’t do much good.
  • I also read the average American adult consumes 17 teaspoons of sugar a day. He does not actually eat all this sugar from the spoon. Most of the sugars have been added surreptitiously to our food and drink. (Trust no one). There are 61 different names for sugars on our labels, which are inserted to obfuscate the situation. All this sugar can cause Type 2 Diabetes, weight problems, heart attacks – and sleep disorders. Once again with the sleep problems.
  • If lack of sleep and too much sugar is not enough, we have new problems with the Universe – and God’s relationship to it. I hear the Universe is expanding  – getting bigger everyday; at rates never before imagined. Apparently no one in the scientific community is panicking; but I am not in the scientific community – and I think this is another thing to worry about. When I was a child I was told God made everything in 7 days. And He was pleased. It was ridiculous, of course; but it was comforting. So, what is happening? Is God not finished? Is He not pleased with what He has wrought? Is He looking for something else? Aren’t we enough? These are questions which could disturb my sleep, or at least make me want to eat a pint of Chunky Monkey Ice Cream tonight. I do not want answers to questions such as these, which are not sugar-coated.
  • Due to my hopes to run across some good news, I’ve been watching a good deal of night time Television lately. My wishes have not been realized; but I have learned a lot from the ads: Apparently, we are living in the Golden Age of; Surveillance, Cable TV programming, Upscale Chain restaurants, quick car window repair, prescription pain-killers, sex disfunction drugs, and expensive truck type cars. I will send you a message on the good news – when it is televised.



  • LATINX:  This word appears as an attempt to be ‘gender non-conforming’ for Latinos, or Latinas.  (i.e., He or she is LATINX.) It can be seen in some newspapers and the like.  The ‘Real Academia Espanola’  does not approve of this word device and considers LATINX to be an incomprehensible intrusion on the ‘Official Body of Inquests’…who preserve the language integrity…”Do not force LATINX on all Latinos!” they demand. We will see how this plays out.
  • PAREIDOLIA: This relates to how we process visual information – how we see horses and boats in the clouds, that sort of thing. How our memories are recorded in patterns and similarities. I see things in the trees and clouds and water and news papers all the time; have been doing so for years, and only now do I realize I am a PAREIDOLIAC. I like that, I think. It could be worse, I could be an insomniac.
  • FAT TAILS: This is a word coupling referring to ‘Low probability; but high impact scenarios of worst case possibilities…and even though the worst case possibilities are low in percentages’ – they should not be ignored. FAT TAILS. (i.e., “Climate Change will flood California” or “The Universe is growing so large, we will be forgotten” – that sort of thing.

I always try to leave the reader (Readers?) with a pithy quote of some sort, something to be comforted by in this veil of tears – or, if not that – something that will have made reading this post worthwhile. Here is my offering for the day:

  • “I have never felt so fervently thankful, so soothed, so tranquil, so filled with blessed peace, as I did yesterday when I learned that Michael Angelo (sic) was dead.” – Mark Twain.  (I know of what Mr. Twain speaks, and the same mood descends upon me when I think of quite a few others who have moved on before me.)

Sweet Dreams,

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