Update on Noteflix’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: See here, some of our cast members are taking a well deserved (and management supported) break in the Garden on this beautiful Tuscan late summer day. But wait! What is all that construction going on just outside the Garden’s perimeter? Can what goes on outside the Garden affect what goes on inside the Garden? Come back next week for more action.


  • DIVORCE RATES are higher, on average, among; Inter-faith, Inter Racial & Intergenerational marriages than non-Interfaith, etc., marriages.  I wonder if they have studied the divorce rates among inter-political party marriages or Republicans & RINO couplings.  I would think the marriages between the MAGAS and the QAnoners are binding, even if they are not happy.  I’ll bet there are zero marriages left between people who watch FOX Entertainment and PBS.
  • ECON 101 VOCABULARY SECTION (Relatively new terms): 1) JOLTS Jobs Opening Labor Turnover Survey  Definition: a  monthly survey of U.S. job vacancies, hiring, and job separations. This tells you everything and nothing; but you must use it when talking about today’s economy  2) THE GREAT RESIGNATION  (TGR) describes the elevated rate at which U.S. workers have quit their jobs amid strong labor demand and low unemployment as vaccinations eased the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic.  (An uptick in TGR can boost a JOLT)  3) QUIET QUITTING (QQ): ..is when an employee decides to intentionally withhold some aspect of their typical job performance.  (Such as going home exactly after 8 hours on the clock – rather than hanging around and making some finishing touches on the day’s work.  It is a response to a person’s perception that their employer is taking advantage of them. QQ is not factored into JOLTS but could be an indicator of which way the TGR and JOLTS are headed.  So now you know what everybody is talking about.
  • MORE VOCAB OF THE DAY:  1) TWITTERATTI  A growing group of opinion givers, most of whom who can write what they want to say with both thumbs and often before they even know what they think.  Former President Trump used to be one of these.  2) CRIME FRAUD EXCEPTION:  You better have a grasp on this term going into the news cycle of this month.  What this means is:  If you are a lawyer and are participating in the crime of your client, you and your client don’t get the benefit of the attorney-client privilege.
  • FACTOID:  It costs 7.5 cents to print a $1 bill.  If you are in a  cafe with a group of friends and you have all talked CRIME FRAUD EXCEPTION to death and exhausted every thing that could be said about JOLTS, TGR and QQ you could raise your Venti Latte to your lips and say “I read in a blog that it costs 7.5 cents to print a $1 bill.  Watch your friends wonder what the world is coming to.
  • EVEN MORE THAN YOU NEED TO KNOW:  Consider the snake and how it moves.  “When the snake wants to move forward, a muscle in its belly skin shortens the skin and stays tense…then a muscle running forward from the tip of one (cartilage-like) rib to the skin tenses to pull the skeleton and body forward over the skin…another muscle that runs towards the tail from the middle of the rib to the skin pulls the snake forward.”  (I read this in a scientific journal, the subscription to which I let lapse.)  What I want to know is how a snake knew we should not eat of the Apple.  Who cares how it slithers about?  The Scientific Cabal cares; that’s who.

Now, a few words from MATHUZALA, our Resident rodent Guest Columnist:


  • Some humans worry if they “Do the right thing” it might cost them money and separate them from their fellows and no real change will come from their effort.  Let me tell you Benedict did the right thing when he joined our Rat-Pack Movement and was rewarded with riches beyond his imagination. Granted he is in jail – but that is a temporary setback.

If you want to know what happens if you were to get involved in the ‘Big Issues’ of the day, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS”.




Greve is celebrating its 50th anniversary of their ‘Wine Festival’.  More than forty Vineyards come down from the hills and display their product.  Wine lovers from all over come to sample and buy and have a good time of it.  Below, you can see the preparation for this year’s event.  Come back next week and you can see the Festival in action.


A Few Quotes:

  • “Falling short of perfection is a process that never stops.”                –  William Shawn, former Editor, New Yorker.
  • “Conditions are (speaking of America after the Civil War) void of all that nourishes and inspires.”  – James Whistler, Artist
  • “A man is not defiled by what enters his mouth; but by what comes out of it.”  – ascribed to Jesus, by Mark…the same should be true of what comes from a man’s thumbs.

That’s it from here this week.  …and a good “Hello” to Alessandra – we know where you are.

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