Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: ALERT! Please note: Bork, the Angry Purple Slug (Seen above), is not part of our Stuffed Animal cast. And never has been. He is a scammer, a fraud and a paranoid narcissist. He shoves his way into our productions and very lives. We want to get rid of him; but we are afraid he might be coming back. These things happen. We are sorry. Some stuffed animals behave like stuffed humans. (Come back next week for more exciting action.)


  • AMERICA:  If one were to read the news these days, it would seem as if AMERICA were going downhill; sort of like Atlantis did.  When I say AMERICA, I mean the one with the Founding Fathers who were white and slept with slaves and had wooden teeth and got in duels, and killed the heathen indigenous and all.  If things continue to go the way they are, this paragraph would not be allowed to be read in the state of Florida.
  • KING:  I have noticed that over the centuries, some religious groups have edited/updated various words in the Bible – in order to make ‘The Word” more relevant in their own times. A long time ago, when “KING”  was the highest title of power – the Bible referred to God as the KING of KINGS. Along this line, I was thinking today’s editors might consider changing using the concept of God as “KING” for: God as “President”?  or “CEO”?  or”Chairman of the Board”,  or “Benevolent Dictator”?  I mean, who follows a “KING” anymore?  Maybe “DARK MONEY” could be the new name for the SATAN (aka The Devil) – at least in the “AMERICAN” edition.
  • DINOSAURS:  I read DINOSAURS, originally, were meat eaters; but then along came a Global Warming and Plants grew really big and the DINOSAURS turned into vegetarians and lived on for God knows how long.  There is hope for us after-all. All we have to do is change our diet….and then we can survive until the next asteroid hits us.
  • NATURAL DISASTERS are occurring 3 times as often as they were a half century ago.  There goes Chicken Little, again.  I read this in both the NYT’s and ROBINHHOOD SNACKS.  I also read in the NYT’s that Scientists who are not musically inclined are not to be trusted as much as those who are.  What is to be believed, anymore?  Either way, the Science sections of most papers and magazines are really scary these days; no matter if the scientists can or cannot  sing or play the kazoo.
  • AFTERGLOW:  Speaking of Scientists, Mssrs. Ponzius & Wilson discovered the Big Bang AFTERGLOW (if you do not know what this is, I cannot help you) causes empty space to be 3 degrees above zero.  So?  What happens after the AFTERGLOW cools down?  I posit things will get worse; but I cannot prove it.  However,  if we don’t do something about the NATURAL DISASTERS, the sinking of AMERICA, the DARK MONEY, and the plants from becoming food fit for DINOSAURS we won’t be around to see what the AFTERGLOW is all about.
  • ONE LAST QUESTION:  Would the world be better off if the disparity of wealth became greater, rather than lesser?  Here comes some of the argument for increasing the already greater wealth among the top 1/2 of 1%:  1)  There would be less pollution as fewer people would be burning fuel, dropping single-use plastics and other unaffordable stuff in the waters & lands, etc.  2)  Fewer animals would die in the cause for human food because billions of people could not afford to buy meat.  3) …The list goes on and on.   I would like to be paid to do the study.  Perhaps the Koch Brothers, or that DARK MONEY guy, from Chicago, who gave 1.6 Billion to help populate the Supreme Court….perhaps one of these generous people could support such a study.


On the lighter side, a few words from MATHUZALA, our Resident Rodent Guest Columnist:


  •  Shortly after Benedict joined our battle against Human Civilization, he met his true love, the Eloise Impersonator.  She is patiently waiting for him to escape from his jail-cell.  While this will take time, she is luxuriating in Benedict’s suite at the Plaza Hotel.  How romantic is that?  Life can be good when you try to do the ‘right thing’.

Want to read about Love among the Ruins?  Go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and Buy the (not on the) NYT’s  Best Seller list: “THE RAT PAPERS”.



As promised, a few pictures from our town’s Wine Fest.  The picture at the very bottom (taken over one-hundred years ago) shows what most likely inspired today’s good times.



A few Quotes:

  • “How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?  This is a case of exclusion.”  -Pope Francis
  • “I don’t care too much for money, for money can’t buy me love.”   -The Beatles

That’s it for now…and a fond “Hello” to Mrs. Calabash and Maizie & Chloe, wherever you are.




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