Update on NOTEFLIX’s “Troubles in the Garden”:  The Screaming Balloon (upper left on photo) yells, “It is too late.  It is too late”.   Mortimer, (the brown & white stuffed thing) has never been able to tell the time, so he does not care what time it is.  Mamzelle Pinkie, who expected to be in this shot with her paramour, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness, wonders “Did he get the time wrong?”.  Bork, the Angry Purple Slug (on the plant on the right) thinks, “Now is the time!” More next week when the clocks are fixed and the hands are in their right places. 

(-ed. note: DST does not begin in our location until March 27)


  • SOCIAL MEDIA:  I had this thought that if we only had had Social Media back in the ‘Slavery Days’…maybe we would not have had slavery. When so many people would see the horror of it all.   And then maybe we would not have treated the American Indians so badly – for the same reason. You know, if everybody really knew what was going on, maybe the people would have put an end to those things, earlier in time.  But then I’ve been reading and watching a lot of news lately and I’m not so sure that all this ‘Social Media’, though interesting and knowledge giving, is helping man in his advancement towards civilized Civilization.  What do you think?
  •  DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME:  A recent report shows shoppers spend 4% less at stores during the first month of Daylight Savings Time. Will we ever catch up on our purchases?   70% of Americans hate to change the clocks.   (Count me among the percenters who love to change the clocks.  Who makes up these polls?  I want one of those jobs.)  But over 80% want full time Daylight Savings Time.
  • MORE INTERESTING STATS:  *Despite our strong economy, 76% of working Americans are living paycheck to paycheck (count me as an American).  *A black woman has to work until September 22 of the next year in order to make as much as a white man, (doing the same thing) makes for his one year of work.  (There must be a better way to say that; but enough said as it is.)   *1/2 billion people depend upon the existence of coral reefs for food.  *When you go to a fast food restaurant and you plan to pay by credit card, studies show you end up buying 18% more than you would if you knew you were going to pay cash.  Wait until they find out how much less you’d spend if you ordered during the first month of Daylight Savings Time.  *Landfills are composed of:  Food 21%, Plastic 18%, Paper 15%, Rubber 12%, Metal 9%, Yard waste 8%, Other 17%  (Other?  What is ‘Other’ – I’m not sure I want to know). *It takes 7 minutes and 30 seconds of work, at minimum wage, to pay for enough gas to drive 5 miles.  *In the past 12 months, 10% of down payments on first homes of First Home Buyers was made by money generated from selling (unloading) Bitcoins.  (I still do not understand any of this)


And now an update from our resident rodent guest Columnist, MATHUZALA:

MATHUZALA SPEAKS:  I see where the Polar Ice Caps are melting, and at the same time the humans are measuring the price of gas in dollars, not in feet of water levels rising.  For all their smarts they do not get it.  I see where the most powerful country in the world is debating over what time it should be.  They ought to know after all this time.  The time is now.

(Ed. Note: Were you to want to know what MATHUZALA and his crew are up to and how they will set “Cursed Time” back into where it is supposed to be, please go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” 



Below:  Photo’s #1 & #2 were taken during our Saturday’s food market. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits – all Italian grown.  “Non-Toccare!”  (“Do not touch!”) You tell the vendor what you want, the vendor will put it in a bag for you. Photo #3 is of the “Odore” …a small gift given to you after you have made your purchase.  You always get a carrot, some celery and either parsley, or basil – depending upon the season.   A nice touch, after all.


Photo #2

Photo #3


A piece of knowledge:  “When people do not have enough knowledge to know they do not have enough knowledge”…is called “The Dunning-Kruger Effect”. So, what is going on has a name.


That’s all the time there is for now.  Keep the fires burning….and  “Hello” to Krishna, wherever you are.


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