Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the garden” Our hero, The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness, still in the Land of Uncertain Knowledge, draws near his newly found love, Mamzelle Pinkie. But Ho! Is that another suitor ? (See stage, upper right) Problems? What does the future hold? It is an old story, unless you have never heard it before. (To be continued.)

Today, I will post notes I made while driving around looking for something I needed to buy to get through the day, or trying to find a place to park….notes which came to mind for no reason that I know of…notes which might have been lost to future generations had I accomplished what I was supposed to have done in the first place…(Please know the ellipsis in this paragraph do not conceal any significant truth.)


  • SCIF:  A word coming into common parlance. It means: Secure Compartmented Information Facility. Only a few months ago places like the CIA and The Pentagon and places like that had SCIFS. But now they are all the rage. I think only a few years ago Americans thought thoughts like “A man’s home is his castle.” Today, I think more of us think  “A man’s home is his SCIF.” To me, it is an austere and dystopic decor. I liked the castle idea better.
  • NAYSAYERS are more prevalent on Social Media than are ‘Positive Sayers’…in fact there are so few ‘Positive Sayers’ that I cannot find a word for them. Speaking of Social Media, I remember reading that if kids spend more than 3.5 hours a day on Social media they are 2x’s as likely to be lonely, get depressed and develop anti-social behavior as people like me, who spend no time on Social Media – even though somtimes I admit to feeling low and wishing some people would just go away. I also read that being lonely is associated with inflammation, a weakened immune system heart disease and mental decline – all equal to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Me? I like the feeling of loneliness – every once in a while – and I liked smoking, I have to admit: but that was before it was bad for you. They report  the average American family watches 3.5 hours of TV a day. Add 3.5 hours of Social Media to that and you do not have much time to get into too much trouble. So who’s  to say “Nay” to what’s going on in the world outside your SCIF?
  • The Continuum of the day: “If you do not have the facts – and the facts don’t work for you, Argue the ‘Process’, and if  the ‘Process’ does not work for you, then: Pound the Table.” I wonder what you do if none of that works – what comes after Pounding the table?
  • The radio station I listen to has just asked me for money. More than 10 politicians have asked me for money (via Social Media) today. My high school asks for money, my college. A woman’s group, a prison reform outfit, a health care research team. The guy on the corner. The can next to the store’s cash register. Everybody is on the ask. Me? I ask for money. I read the economy is good. The markets are at all time highs. I’m missing something…not just the money. The guy who just cut me off, I’m sure he is driving for the money or in search of the money – I’m beginning to think it is all about money, Maybe I should have thought this way before. I think I’ll try to get out of the slow lane.
  • I saw a cop in the rear view mirror today. There was a slight tinge of fear, ever so slight; but it was there – not that I was doing anything wrong, at the time. And then I thought maybe that cop has a slight fear of whoever that guy is in the slow lane in front of him. People on edge with people. Was it always like this? or are the times out of joint? Either way, the car is not your SCIF, that is one thing for sure.
  • While waiting for an over-sized van to pulll out of a perking spot, I heard the news that in Paris they discovered a ‘Blob’, a small boneless, single-celled being that is not plant, animal or fungus – and has no brain…yet it is able to learn. “Voila!” I say. There is hope for us, after-all.

You take care out there…


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