More from NOTEFLIX’s production of: “Troubles in the Garden” Our hero, the Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness, is still trapped in the Tree of Uncertain Knowledge. Dawn is rising. But wait! Down there, stuck on a lower branch – is that a Fair Damsel? In Distress?  Our Hero’s heart leaps. Maybe this is what will give meaning to all the nonsense of his life. The plot quickens. (To be continued.)


My apologies for not posting in the past week.  I took a spill – practicing for an upcoming “Turkey Trot”  – and broke a rib or two while puncturing a lung. However, all was not lost – while laying there in bed, I had the time to re-examined a worn out ‘Bon Mot’ of  Nietzche’s, which was: “If it does not kill you, it will make you stronger.” Wrong!  I am not the stronger for the experience – so, I now know more than did the old philosopher and, I guess, I am the better for it.



  • UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Everybody talks about “Bad Things” that happen as a result of some event, or some action to be taken, or some Government policy.  But there are good UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, too. Penicillin was obtained by accident, for example. I am sure there are thousands of other examples of good unintended consequences; but I can’t think of any right now – because I am drugged up on pain-killers. The reader probably calls to mind many examples.
  • I read that a certain part of our brain lights up when we see puppies. And, according to studies, the same thing happens when elephants see humans. I am sorry to pass this on to you; but I have not been myself lately.
  • A UCLA scientist says he has proof the earth is 3.5 million years old. This changes things.
  • “You can catch up on sleep.”  according to a Swedish study. I don’t think so, according to my own study. Who follows Swedish studies, anyway? Isn’t Sweden supposed to be for sale?
  • FUN FACT: Mosquitos kill over 1,000,000 a year and snakes come in a distant second, killing only 200,000 per annum.  I’ve been thinking about this and I know I’d prefer to go by Mosquito, and then a running accident – and last a snake.
  • I see where there is a poisonous dart frog in French Guiana – and if you so much as lick it, it is curtains for you.”Who licks frogs?” you query. Well, these little fellas are cute and they are imported here and a little kid in Ashtabula, Ohio could pick one up in a pet store and lick it – that’s who.
  • There are animals who puff up when scared. Like owls, they puff up. Me? I’ve noticed when I’m scared I can’t hold my breath and it is hard to even inhale. I wonder if one way is better than the other.
  • We are conquering  diseases, especially against aging…aren’t we old enough already? How are we going to play for us all older and older people? You’ve heard about the many problems with Soc. Sec. and every day we have a new medical victory against death… not that I’m old enough to die, mind you…just thinking about the collective harm of increasing life’s expectancy. Maybe some candidate will come up with a reasonable ‘Cut-off’ date.
  • It used to be, we were told, that when you grow up, you can become President. Now, you don’t have to grow up. Do not tell me things do not change.
  • There was a study done – which claims that those who perceive they have power…that something deleterious happens to the part of the brain that houses ’empathy’. I know, myself, that those in pain have trouble empathizing with those in power.

Thanks for visiting. I will give you a few bromides before you leave.

  • Willie Pep, the great boxer, reflecting upon his later years: “First goes the reflexes, then the money, then the friends.”  ( Then after that, goes the plumbing. -cem)
  • “Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.” – Epistle to the Ephesians.

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