Update on NOTEFLIX’s production of “Troubles in the Garden”: Mamzelle Pinkie and The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness are taking a break from the maddening issues of the world – and enjoying the moon on the wax. Is this selfish? Is this irresponsible? Shouldn’t they be trying to help improve things that no one can do anything about? Well, they are only stuffed animals, after all. At least they are causing no harm.


  • PIEZOELECTRICITY:  The following is from a note written over ten years ago:…”Energy from bicycles, footsteps, waves – anything that causes friction can be harnessed and make heat, light and save us from all the harm we are causing by using fossil fuels.”   What happened to all this?  Did Big Oil and that guy from West Virginia buy all the patents to  the PIEZOELECTRICITY gadgets and put them in a safe place, away from us?  The good news is:  I read that a couple of nights ago a night club in Denmark put some panels on the dance floor and captured the energy from the dancing footsteps and all that energy was transformed into the light bulbs for the whole night.  So, we are making progress, one step at a time; no matter who wants to stop it.  I read the head of the Patent Department during Lincoln’s Presidency, resigned because “There was nothing left to invent.”  Well, he was sure wrong on that one; but today’s problem with the subject of new inventions is:  Many of the ‘Powers that Be’ do not want the ‘new’ to compete with the ‘current’ and ‘old’ ways of doing things.
  • FARMS:  The average farm household in the U.S. earns 87% of its revenues from non-farm income – 2nd & 3rd jobs.  Do not worry about the big/industrial farms, (soon to be known as: “Big Farma”, my coinage) they tend to obtain the large subsidies our government hands out. What is going to happen to the price of my dinner if the small farmer joins the “Great Resignation”?
  • FACTS:  I have heard “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”  Some people confuse this idea with “Everyone is entitled to their own facts.”  I’d like to straighten this out once and for all:  You can dislike the fact that 2 plus 2 does not equal 5  – but you cannot disagree with it.  …Unless you vote in Texas, then the Supreme Court will decide on that – and it will probably go 6-3 in favor of 5 being your Constitutional Right.  So, maybe it’s not as clear as I thought it was going to be.  Let’s move on. (…as the ‘January Sixers’ like to say)
  • CLIMATE CHANGE:  Uncontrolled world-wide immigration, Hunger, Mass Extinctions, Pandemics, Inflation…and the big question in Congress is “What to do about the Filibuster?”  Mark Twain said “Congress is an Idiot; but then I repeat myself”.  If he were to come back, he would three-peat himself, maybe four-peat.
  • WONDER NO MORE:  They have found one of the major reasons for ‘Colony Collapse’ of bees is due to chemicals used to get rid of Stink Bugs, which came to Philadelphia via China.  Now, all we need to do is figure out who is to blame.  The Chinese?  The Stink Bugs?  The Chemical companies?  The Philadelphians?  Congress?  You can have your own opinions on this.
  • ETHICAL, LEGAL:  I read an article the other day which referred to the old quote of the former President Trump, which was: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I would not lose any votes.” (2016)  He was probably right.  But I go to wondering: What if that somebody were a woman and she was only wounded and she shot him back; would she be let off in ‘self-defense’, or would she be held as an assassin?  If my mind continues on this path, I might soon run for Congress.

And now advice from our Guest Columnist MATHUZALA


  • With all your problems, with all that whatever is going wrong, do not worry about us.  We will be fine.  I can read, you know and I just read one of your scientific based studies which said we Rodents will survive all your mass extinctions, climate disasters, pandemics, etc.  So.  We will be just fine.  We could bring you along with us on our journey – if you want.

If you want to find out how to travel with MATHUZALA – and his pack, please go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and purchase the book “THE RAT PAPERS”, otherwise place your hopes in Congress.


  • We show you the photo below, to help you take your mind off the cares of the world.  One sees views like this all the time in Tuscany. It never gets boring over here. I do wonder, from time to time, if living in Beauty makes one a better person. If so, I must say – I am getting pretty good. If that were all there is to this life – it would be pretty easy.





A Few Quotes:

  • “Idle hands are the devil’s playthings.”  -Benjamin Franklin
  • “Idleness as such is by no means a root of evil; on the contrary, it is truly divine life, if one is not bored….”  -Soren Kierkegaard
  • “One sometimes finds what one was not looking for.”  -Sir Alexander Fleming, accidental discoverer of Penicillin

Take care out there…and ‘Hello’ to Marco, wherever you are.


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