Update on NOTEFLIX’s “Troubles in the Garden”: Our Hero, The Multicolored Bluebird of Happiness, has hopped onto the shoulder of Babbo Natale to ask him if he can bring some Cream Cheese and a little better weather with him; next time he comes to town. We will see if Babbo Natale is for real. 


GULL-iVERSE TRAVELS   This is a new section of our Post.  We have been traveling in our mind, in our dreams and in the Metaverse lately and have entered some strange lands.   Now, it is time to share some of these experiences with you.

  • One place we visited was a very prosperous land but had a lot of pollution in the air and water.  A lot of the people had become sick from their environment.  It seems many of their problems were caused by their use of fossil fuels.  There were solutions, however.  They could switch to other types of energy sources which would not cause them to become sick; but it would require getting rid of their old ways – and would affect profit centers for a wealthy few.  The people, and their leaders decided not to change anything – and they continued to cough and get sick.  We had to pinch ourselves and realize this was a bad dream, for such a place could not possibly exist.   (We travel to another location next week)


  • (Old Note)  There are scientists who believe water came to earth via asteroid impact.  They deduced this from looking through the powerful Herschel Space telescope and say the water was thrown at earth, like  paint on a canvas.  Jackson Pollack was on to something.
  • (Old and New Headline)  I read the water in N.Y.C. is becoming polluted.  The water system has not been maintained.  This is the City where billions of dollars are annually paid out in bonuses…and the City can’t afford to fix the water?   As Ed Koch famously said in 1986, “New York City is the place where the Future comes to rehearse.”  (Let’s hope that is not the case anymore.  Maybe, we should keep the future in the wings, until we get the act together.
  • (New Headline; but repeated in the media for two weeks now)  NYC is running out of Cream Cheese.  This has something to do with: The Corona Virus, Product shortage, Labor shortages, Cows, Trucks, China – and people wanting to eat more Bagels and Cheesecake while Socially Distancing and such.  When this will end, no one knows – but soon Biden will have to answer for it.
  • (New Headline)  Studies show highly developed cultures have a distance from – and a fear of Nature (Meaning The Wild & The Weather & The Waters.) And rightly so; Have you seen what is happening lately? Wildfires, Tornado’s, Floods, Droughts, Coastal Erosions. It’s worse than it was in the Biblical Times….What civilized person would want to go out there, anymore?)
  • (New Headline)  Apparently, ‘They’ have discovered through photos that there is a big cube shaped thing on the dark side of the moon.  I don’t know why, but this terrifies me.  At least it has taken my mind off the 2022 elections for a while.
  • (Old Note, 2 years ago)  In Sweden they have found that urine is a good fertilizer enhancer, and they have toilets to catch the urine and sell it to farmers.  No more Swedish meatballs for me, thank you.
  • (New Note)   An observation and piece of advice for my readers of a certain age   The doctor is not having a conversation with you when he asks you what you had for breakfast.  He does not care what you had for breakfast – and he knows what day of the week it is.  He wants to know if you know the answer to these questions.  And if you don’t, he is going to take away your driver’s license.  Als0, memorize how to count backwards from 100 by 7’s – 93, 86…and so on.  Going to the doctor is different than it used to be.
  • (New Headline)  If you are in High School, when you become an adult, 65% of the jobs that will be up for grabs have not been invented yet.  Things are moving fast.  So, how are you going to prepare?  Don’t ask me, I don’t  know how to use my iPhone. 

And now a few words from our guest Columnist MATHUZALA


  • Don’t worry about what day it is, or what you are going to do in the future.  You cannot control any of it.  Just do what we rats do; we skitter around, enjoying ourselves with whatever is available.  There really is no choice to the matter.  Come with us, we’ll show you how to play.

Were you to want to learn more of MATHUZALA’S wisdom, you could go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy “THE RAT PAPERS” and come out ahead of the game.


Night lights in our Piazza…Merry Christmas to all…

A  quote:

  • “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  -H.D. Thoreau (circa 1850s)  Those were the days!

And to all a good night, wherever you are.





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